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2/6/2018 c3 2Lady Frozen Rose
Sailor Pluto's Scout Uniform is Black with Garnet bows. Sailor Saturn is Purple with Burgundy bows.

this is really good though
8/19/2016 c2 7Althea Sirius
I hope Usagi ends up with Yusuke and opens up more. _
8/19/2016 c1 Althea Sirius
Personally, I'm not a fan of First Person View, but this is good. _
6/17/2015 c36 12creativesm75
6/17/2015 c36 2Moonprincess1416
~*OMG i thought for sure you werent coming back *sniffles*i was so excited when i seen you update i am glad your back i hope i get to read more of your stories i updated on some of mine as well if you ever have time tell how i am doing lol*~
7/26/2014 c34 12creativesm75
interesting. and this Akira needs to be killed.
12/29/2013 c34 bur bur
oh i love it so much i hope they get to meet genki soon
10/25/2013 c3 CoG.EMIYA
This starts after the series right?... i think fighting that monster is a little out of place... the two of them kurama and hiei is already class A monsters... Fighting this demon should be fast enough... how did it survive hiei slash?... He should have killed it without difficulty... even kuwabara alone should be enough...
8/15/2013 c34 4sailorangelmoon1
Wow I can't wait to read what will happen next! So sailor moon said she only live one guy n not kurama that was a twisted great job!
8/14/2013 c34 2Moonprincess1416
*ahhhh OMG finally kurama and akira I can't wait this is going to be so good and I am curious to know what hiei meant when he told her to tell the truth your so full of surprises so much suspend lol*
8/12/2013 c33 Moonprincess1416
*awww it's almost over I can't wait I say the last battle should be between kurama and akira of course*
7/30/2013 c32 Moonprincess1416
* you never disappoint me I can't wait for the next chapter I think you should have nehelenia go after kurama that will stir some things up a bit lol an all out cat fight between the two women*
7/30/2013 c32 4sailorangelmoon1
Wow I can't wait for more! I love it!
7/29/2013 c31 Guest
*Ahhh more suspense nooooo I am loving this story way to much lol excellent work as always and I am sorry you haven't been feeling well I hope you get better soon can't wait for the next chapter*
7/25/2013 c29 2Moonprincess1416
* Well well well it's about time you posted another chapter. Lol I was starting to get sad. But I understand you are busy and have other things to do but it's good to see your still writing still loving the story and wait for the next chapter don't stay away for to long again*
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