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1/11/2013 c1 melu785
Hi there! I've just read Small Steps which I liked a lot so I started reading this! Keep on with the writing, it's pretty good! :D
1/8/2013 c9 Lenuca
I knew that you wouldn't disappoint: after enjoying so much "Small Steps", I wanted to read other stories by you, and this one has just become one of my favourite versions of the aftermath of Sherlock's fall (and actually, the explanation of the falling itself).
I hope I'll be able to read another of your amazing pieces of writing very soon _
10/22/2012 c9 2Cumberbabe
I really enjoyed this story. I love how you incorporated the actual dialogue from the show in the early chapters. It made it so real. Great job!
8/22/2012 c9 37patemalah21
This was very well written. Sherlock was very in character.
7/8/2012 c9 magicstrikes
Hope you will continue
3/26/2012 c9 22dinosoprano
What? That's it! I don't want that to be it! It's to good for that to be it!
2/4/2012 c7 7FrankieMittens
hahah i can just see that, both of them lying stiff in that bed :D
2/2/2012 c8 2theatrebedroom
I really like how you portray why Sherlock cares about Molly: it is out of protection more than anything else to begin with. More than any other theory, I feel like this is the best explanation for how he treats her. Excellent characterization, love what you're doing so far!
2/1/2012 c8 50Nocturnias
Yay, he's going to stay. Poor John. Poor everyone, really. Thanks for the great update.
2/1/2012 c8 Agatha
like that :)
1/30/2012 c7 Gigi Black Lovegood
wonderful! you captured john´s feelings very well! your redaction is very neat! i like it! please keep on with the story!
1/29/2012 c7 4Amalia Kensington
Yup. There needs to be more of this. Soon. Because my heart aches for John and how he's gone to Molly and she's RIPPING EVERYONE to shreds because of Sherlock and yet, he's more important and GAH.




1/28/2012 c7 gemma
sooo cute!
1/28/2012 c7 1Miggs
Talk about skirting the edge, with John in Molly's living room and Sherlock just down the hall in another room. I felt bad for Molly having to lie to a grieving John like that.
1/28/2012 c7 Agatha
I love the story. Especially the last few sentences :) But isn't is dangerous for Sherlock and Molly to be only separated by one room or door from John? What if he knows on Molly's bedroom door?
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