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4/29/2012 c10 daemonkieran
Good to have you back dear, it's stopped smelling like a morgue here.
4/26/2012 c10 5hittocerebattosai
*laugh* Mrs. Hudson~! *snicker* Oh, that's wonderful.

Thank you for the update~ ^^ It was wonderful~
4/25/2012 c7 9Redfeatherz66
Oh my god.

Oh. My. God!

What the HELL has your mind spawned? Because this... this is incredible!

Seriously, though. I'm amazed. You could make an actual book out of this idea of heart thieves living in dreams, reanimating their dead friends. If you wrote this, your OWN thing out of this, you can bet I would buy it and read it in a heartbeat. I'm almost sad that something so magnificent is found in fanfiction.

And yet... I'm amazed. It's so anti-canon that it's practically canon. I have no way to express how in love I am with this. Your edgy, insane, confusing way of writing is at once alarming and hypnotizing. The plot itself is amazing. The idea of John being a monster, a hunter, this psychotic, malevolent being is rapturous. Jim's reaction and behavior is perfect, and the dreamscapes are detailed enough for me to be satisfied, but amorphous enough to be like a dream. I just... don't know what to say.

Wow. Just wow. I love this. I'm gonna keep reading and finish this (I'm so in love that I decided to review before I even finished, which lazybones me never does) and just wow. Stunning work.

4/15/2012 c8 5Seftimiu
Very intense and interesting! Wonderfully done!
4/15/2012 c8 Katsheswims
Yikes. Poor boys. I can't wait to see how this all turns out.
4/8/2012 c7 10Atropa Haven
Well, this is interesting. *looks around in nonchalance* um... Wee doctor yeah? I can't get a little wee doctor out of my head honestly. I miss him. I've reread a few times. i just.. yeah. So cute!
4/7/2012 c7 5hittocerebattosai
aww~~ Lovely chapter~ I kind of want to say poor Jimmy-boy, but 's his fault in the first place. ^^ I will be looking forward to your next chapter~~
4/3/2012 c5 hittocerebattosai
Iya ah! *thrilled* Oh, I love this. Lots and lots. Oh dear~ ^^ I will be looking forward to seeing more~ ^^ *gringrin* As it is, my friend L has had to deal with me reading parts of this outloud to her. She is stuck in a perpetual state of "What? What? Whaat?" now. I think I will be sending your fics to her~ *grin*
4/1/2012 c5 23Doodled93
Oh man, I'm dying to know the next part...

Mycroft finally seeing Sherlock is delicious though... And Moriarty being all paranoid and whatnot is amazing...

BAH! this is too good, and too cool...

Does Harry have the same power?
3/31/2012 c5 Jack Nicol
This is AWESOME and creepy and WONDERFUL. The idea as John being something totally non-human has me on the edge of my seat. Never end this. NEVER.
3/31/2012 c5 7CPAnthoni
Wow. Boy John has some instincts. Sherlock seems to be handling it fairly well. He was so horrified at first, but now that he knows it is all out of love for him (and so not a change in John so much as an exaggeration of what was always there) I can see him being just as protective of John right back. And the obsession goes oddly okay with their relationship as a whole (and as Sherlock mentions, with his sociopathic tendencies). Brilliant story, and very creepy - not sure Sherlock is someone to trust with John's "leash" as it were.
3/31/2012 c4 RinnaS
I'm so glad you updated! Nice chapter, keep it going^_^
3/31/2012 c4 Katsheswims
Yikes. So disturbing. But slowing Sherlock is figuring things out and how to deal with how John is now.
3/28/2012 c3
This is so disgustingly, delightfully, horrendously, splendidly creepy thing. I love it. And I'm totally wigged out by it. I love it though. It is fantastically amazing. Keep up the good work!
2/12/2012 c3 Katsheswims
This is very interesting.

I can't wait to see what happens.

I think John could say he has some problem with his eyes, which is why they changed and he wears the glasses. Some people might sense something wrong with him, but almost no one would consider a supernatural explanation.
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