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6/16 c14 6supremeloser
Like she chasing someone she kissed 3 times, she didnt even get to know him at all, only that hes linda sad and drinks a lot
6/16 c14 supremeloser
I swear almost every story I read Bella only standa up for herself after she lets people walk all over her and treat her like a pawn. Confidence isnt a sin omg
1/30 c22 harkie5
That is an amazing story! I couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much for sharing.
9/10/2023 c6 1Kristyn926
This story is so amazing so far!
8/31/2023 c22 Kelkat
How have I never read this story before? It’s absolutely brilliant! I have laughed and cried. Thank you for such a beautiful story. It is definitely a story that I will reread.
5/28/2023 c16 Beatriz06
Estaba leyendo y escribes muy bien pero sinceramente dejo de leer porque es aburrido ver a una Bella degradarse así detrás de un puto estúpido, tenga problemas con su pasado o no,el la usa y le dice que no quiere verla y ella decide no verlo más por su salud mental y luego va corriendo como un perrito desesperado y el vuelve a tan humillante y degradante ser así...dejo de leer.
Un saludo.
5/15/2023 c18 Guest
Though i dont get the returned tormented soldier kind of stories, your writing is like a flow of a river, it bends and changes direction but its so organic. Felt like reading elif shafak or coelho even. A very modern poetic approach. I hope you keep writing.
5/14/2023 c9 Guest
I have read so many fanfics! Not being a American i dont understand what your fascination with 'served in war - poor soul with PTSD'. Personally it destroys the appeal of the story as a it shows a very linear almost tunnel view.
4/27/2023 c7 MsLiss
How do you reconcile being drawn to such an asshole.
The things he said and assumed.
4/26/2023 c13 Just Sus
I honestly don't know what to say! WTF just happened? He is one sick man...I hope Bella doesn't let him back in her life!
4/26/2023 c11 Just Sus
I'm so anxious to see how you have Edward react to her confession! I just can't figure out how he will, especially if Bella keeps chickening out! Please have this happen soon... dying here!
4/25/2023 c6 Just Sus
This is a very intriguing story to me. I don't remember reading a story where Bella had such a physical impediment! Breast cancer sucks! Love her tats...wonder if Edward will? For all of her strength, she seems somewhat fragile. I like her!
4/5/2023 c8 DarkDaughter30
Today I found out that “oozing that sugary pussy all over me” set me ablaze. Damn good wordplay
10/11/2022 c22 I'mAlsoAWe
I truly hope for some kind of epilogue or something. I'll be waiting for more!
8/21/2022 c22 NickChick22
OH. MY. GOODNESS. I cannot BELIEVE this is the first time I read this, and what a treasure it has been! I’m CONSTANTLY searching for this story on fanfiction, but have never been able to find one that satisfied that craving for rollercoaster emotions, drama, and the best kind of love! I am SO HAPPY to have found this gem and add it to my favorites to read again and again when I need this fix! This is so beautiful, and it had me ugly crying most of the time. Thank you for putting the time and effort into the words for two characters that so many people can relate to and showing the complexity of these situations because it’s never a single attitude or thought process—it is always wishy-washy. I could honestly spend hours adding commentary here for this story, and maybe in the future I’ll review an individual chapter or two that bring me the greatest bursts of emotion. For now, I look forward to reading this again and more of your work! Always, happy writing!:)
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