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for High Fidelity

1/23/2022 c22 Senorfrogs
Thank you so much for posting!
1/2/2022 c20 Guest
What a disgusting family, alice and edward...
what kind of human being says something so vile to a cancer survivor?
9/25/2021 c22 Monnie Mcintosh
So beautiful. So unfair but amazing. Love your writing. Loved this story and the way you brings out all the emotions. Thank you
9/25/2021 c21 Monnie Mcintosh
9/25/2021 c18 Monnie Mcintosh
My god your writing is so emotional and amazing. It’s like getting lost in the wind and can’t move. Like a poetry turned to story. I know you wrote it long time ago.I’m hoping you wrote books that I can read and enjoy just as much.
8/28/2021 c15 13Elle Whitecap
Ya imma have to stop here. Your writing is beautiful but I just can’t handle Bella or Edward in this fic. He needs help and she’s humiliating herself by her behavior.
8/28/2021 c14 Elle Whitecap
Bella is acting super desperate. It makes her pathetic and I don’t think she’s pathetic. I hope she has a point to make here because chasing relentlessly after that douche is just sad.
7/31/2021 c22 2LogladyJ
I really loved this story. It felt real and raw. Thank you for writing it.
7/31/2021 c22 4AlexandraaCullen
Your writing is beautiful, what a heart wrenching story. I’m glad things seemed to work out in the end but there’s still so many things unsolved and my mind is racing with it all. I definitely didn’t like Alice in this story, I can’t believe she was constantly after Bella to help her brother but then as soon as Bella’s own demons come up, she turns her back on her. So unfortunate! I’m so glad Bella has Jasper, Leah and Sam as well as her family! I feel terribly for Edward and his lack of support in his family (other than Alice of course, as much as I didn’t love her character, she was good to Edward). I hope Edward continues to get the help he needs to he can one day recover from his alcoholism. Thank you for sharing this story, I couldn’t put it down. It left me with a lot of feelings
6/7/2021 c22 thelightnina
I loved this so much. But it feels like it’s not finished
2/8/2021 c20 kkdall123
You are an incredible writer and I love the way you approached your characters. This chapter was a hard read so I’m going to take awhile to finish the story. What Edward did this chapter is quite literally sexual assault and I absolutely can’t believe he can have any sort of redemption. I hope Bella finds freedom and happiness away from him and Alice. The idea that people are owed some type of explanation for your body is so disgusting and an issue so prevalent in the trans community and leads to violence so similar to what Bella just experienced. Bella didn’t lie. Until sexual consent was actually being sough no one owes anyone any explanation for their existence. That coupled with the idea that her body was outed to a group of people beyond her consent... This was a very hard read and I do wish there was a content warning for sexual violence.
12/7/2020 c14 Guest
Honestly, had to stop reading after here because this became to fucked up to read in 2020.
10/7/2020 c6 LAL69
I am really happy that you wrote about her breast. My sister has only one breast and I have had a part of one of my breast removed. I could never imagin what my sister felt like, and she had a hard time dealing with it, she did help me get through the chemo, radition , and then the reality of having a part of my breast gone. Happy to say we are survivors, my sister is 18 years cancer free and I am 4 yers.
8/18/2020 c22 savvygirl06
I really struggled with this whole story because I couldn’t put it down but I also felt like Bella deserved way better than Edward. Beautifully written, but the way Edward treats Bella is downright abusive and manipulative. Overall I commend your style of writing, however have to disagree with the way you allowed Bella to be trampled on by Edward with next to no backlash
8/6/2020 c22 5Kiki68
Wow what a story you have written here. Just when you think everything is going right you flip it upside down. Love how this fic kept me so captured. I feel for both characters (although Edward is an absolute jerk at points) and some chapters were down right heartbreaking.
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