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for The Wolf and the Dragon

6/12/2020 c26 Guest
Please update and continue I’ll be waiting!
11/26/2018 c26 25The Jingo
Good fic
10/30/2018 c26 twinklegoesthesea
7/2/2018 c3 Guest
Im confused, wasn’t she just talking to dark haired grey eye’d ned last chapter?
11/2/2016 c24 2thonez
Myra doesn't look like Mary sue. A MS character would need
1. Cooler pet, for example dragon.
2. To stop ironborn Myra must marry Theon who will soon die to get her loyal ironborn.
3. When Myra reaches twins she learn about Robbs bethrohal. She instead trades her pet dragon with Walder Frey and then tell dragon to set Twins aflame.
5/18/2014 c1 110ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
3/18/2014 c24 1xxfluffyxx123
great story
2/23/2014 c17 chasing yesterday always
I like it :)
11/29/2013 c24 Raven J. Haile
This was fangtastic! I cannot wait to read the second one. :3
7/17/2013 c1 tsevca
seriously? i didnt even finish. obviously some lost targaryen (i wonder how she managed to get lost) but not just that, she was also able to make a pet of direwolf. it isnt remembered before stark children did so and that happened, because theyre wargs, since they have the blood of the first men, and starks have strong connections with direwolfes. i can already see its some mary-sue character.

p.s.: maybe, please, write in synopsis that its around made up character. i wouldnt even open your story. it looked like the girl is daenerys.
5/10/2013 c23 8Lawsy89
Loved it. Amazing story.
4/6/2013 c3 11Bilbo Baggins Is My Hobbit
hehe Robb got caught, but I lvoe this story and Siliver
3/4/2013 c11 MusicOfMyMind
awweee! happy trails lol
3/4/2013 c3 MusicOfMyMind
bewitched, heaven, then hell lmao the ending was funny when he was caught, I can just imagine the look on both there faces when he sniffed her lol PRICELESS!
1/4/2013 c39 7PrInCeSsJeNn
I just read the entire story so far and am ridiculously hooked!
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