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10/31 c8 18stevem1
This is a very funny story, though it runs more to parody than humor.

The actual concept was brilliant. Harry travels back in time, kills Voldemort, gets stuck and has to deal with Grindelwald. It would have been an excellent read if played straight, and is still good despite the author jumping head long into the ridiculous.

Recommended and hope to read more someday.
7/12 c8 bookreader2062
Over 8 years and no update? Shame on you.
7/12 c4 bookreader2062
Poor lass is in a
7/12 c3 bookreader2062
7/12 c1 bookreader2062
%/\*£#!$ ¥?
1/31 c2 Makimass
the dialouges are cringey as hell but the premise is good..
8/9/2021 c7 14Camillus Seth
You know, he is harry JAMES BOND, 007. Lol.
6/22/2021 c8 daveykins
Fun story. Hope you come back to it and the others (especially Spark of genius)
1/6/2021 c8 4hvm2k2
Hehe ah Harry the situations you land yourself in. Love all of the James Bond references. Who'd have guessed Harry was the inspiration for Flemming's books.
12/17/2020 c1 AngelousPoofy
Not me feeling bad for the snake face :')
11/10/2020 c8 LeightonWD
Amazing work made me laugh alot. I'm so happy I found this story
10/17/2020 c8 reddir
A fun story that you were developing nicely.

Despite what you said about this just being silly it was nicely presented and enjoyable to read. The international angle added a lot of interesting novelty to this HP fanfic.

Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/20/2020 c8 4tcl7189
LMBO! Love it!
5/20/2020 c7 tcl7189
Punny! Lol
5/20/2020 c6 tcl7189
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