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for Die, Dumbledore, Die!

6/6/2021 c1 Grosvenor
How about Fawkes deciding to become Harry Potter's secret guardian angel or in this case bird when he sees Harry for the first time and realises he's been abused!
7/29/2015 c1 Berlin
This was hilarious xD
6/23/2014 c1 8rosie isis and rai the kitsune
please tell me this has more chapters coming! XD
5/29/2013 c1 21JudasFm
I think 'strategic' might work here :-) Then again, this is MS Word...

Anyway, I loved this fic; it was completely different to what I expected XD I almost felt sorry for Fawkes ;)
4/17/2013 c1 17misto713
Er, actually, I think the word is either Strategic or Strategically. Is there Strategical? Hmm.

Btw, I just snorted. Almost burst out laughing on the 'Fuck you old man. Just... Fuck you.' line xD Which would be awkward seeing as I'm supposed to be working right now :P
9/17/2012 c1 SalviaSilver
Oh, this one has promise. It's first time i read a mean, sarcastic Fawkes, kinda refreshing :) Update? May your Muse be inspired ;)
8/18/2012 c1 slitherinprincess3
Every time I read this I cannot help but laugh and I always come back to enjoy it again. wonderful story
1/25/2012 c1 DecepticonDefenestrater
This is a nice little story. :D Keep writing. :)

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