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for Soldiers of the Skies

11/10/2014 c13 James the King
Please continue! Awesome job tho
10/24/2014 c8 Gabriel H. Sapphire
I... Am... IRONMAN :3
9/24/2014 c13 jubilee loves pyro
This a great story you pulled off the double paring nicly I think Zoe should be added please update soon
9/22/2014 c13 Crusherman5
-_- cliffhanger not cool please update
9/14/2014 c13 ssdfdsfdsfs
Really? You deciding on making this a PercyHarem fic. I feel like your chapters are short and you write too long A/U's, try to make them short. Also I think you are rushing things. Well that's all what I wanted to say. Oh and yeah! Update soon
9/2/2014 c13 9fearlessshadowhunter
Didn't expect that
8/15/2014 c13 WarriorGoddess
Please, please, PLEASE update soon!
8/13/2014 c13 zed12
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8/6/2014 c13 Guest
Add Zoe and update it's been almost three mouths
8/6/2014 c13 Guest
Please add Zoe to Percy's lover and please update
7/27/2014 c13 1WolfofTheWest777
pleasemake the next chapter
7/16/2014 c13 4ReaLifeTomoki
Yes PLEASE put Zoe in the pairing, the are so few Percy x Zoe's out there. Please keep up the great work and update son.
7/1/2014 c13 1Chaotic Assassin 11
You are doing a great job.. If I were doing it, and this is only an idea, add more primordials and maybe chaos. A lot of people love having percy fight against all odds and still come out on top, or not, you decide. I have read this story since you started it and it is by far my favorite multiple pairing, the fact that you might add in zoe only makes it better in my opinion. Keep writing and keep up the terrific work!

-Chaotic Assassin 11
6/29/2014 c5 7Wild Birdie
The underlined talking is smart and everything, but it's hard to read for me.
6/26/2014 c13 MistaTourgue001
Nice but you got to update this
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