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for Soldiers of the Skies

10/7/2017 c11 5Tychon
How the fuck can you even make them this OOC?
10/2/2017 c10 WHOA
that is some major OOC there, I quote "Percy I love you!" said by both athena and artemis
8/23/2017 c10 Guest
What just happened
7/13/2017 c11 a reader
does anybody think of percy dating two girls at once cheating. or am i the only one with a brain
6/14/2017 c18 ltulquiorra
i think it is a great story, except for the twist you put in the relationship of percy and annabeth. i mean, Nico? really? it just made me laugh anyways good job
5/31/2017 c18 19draco122
that was awesome i think it was a great battle to read.
5/17/2017 c18 angell12345
Loving, loving, please please please do not delay upgrade there and put some of the life of percy with your future wife brides and children before finalizing the story soldiers of the sky
5/16/2017 c18 1Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. Thank you very much. Please have Percy dress up like a girl for his girlfriends enjoyment as punishment for not coming back sooner than have sex with Percy's girlfriends as a girl.
5/16/2017 c18 Nico2060
I'll be looking forward till next chapter then :D

Oh, and I don't really have any ideas for you as for the past couple of months I've been reading more manga and light novels than fanfiction.

Well, good luck with college, I'm thinking you properly have some form of test or project you have to work on since such things tend to be around this time of the year.
I myself, have my last exams in June, the oral exams. English(I live in Denmark), Danish, Cross-subject(Psy/CheBioGeo) and PE(I'm so mad that we got this, I'd rather have gotten written English)
5/16/2017 c18 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here.
5/3/2017 c17 40batiluca27
que bien esta realizada esta historia me gusta la accion
que tiene
5/3/2017 c17 1Zeppelin0219
im sorry but this isnt a good story at all
4/6/2017 c17 9Fanficlover2017
Great story even though the spin you put on percy and annabeth's relationship was the only part I didn't like all that well please update soon!
4/3/2017 c17 2King Nexus
when are you gonna update
3/21/2017 c17 xxPercyRoxxx
Can't wait for the next update to be here
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