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3/17/2017 c1 Sanguinis13
Ouranos is only Percy's great grandfather, unless you didn't name someone between him and Kronos that I am unaware of. Other than that, interesting start.
2/28/2017 c17 3Writing dreams into stories
So j will never continue this story? Or ur still kicking? Mmm nice ends will be nice
2/18/2017 c17 DracoKing30
love story cant wait for new chapters
1/23/2017 c17 Daniel Ted544
Wonderful! Please more stories of Pertemis! Or even Percy Harem! Hahaha
1/17/2017 c17 PJOALLTHETIME
Oh my gosh I love it when people turn Kronos good! I mean that was a kind of twist that I didn't expect but I totally support you and want you to know that it would make me sooooo happy if u could update... One of my only critiques though is that I think u should add some more one on one Percy romance fluff chapters... Like have a cute bonding moment between Percy and one of his girlfriends
1/6/2017 c17 TheRedPoet
Gold Testament you are one of the top 5 fanfiction writers I have found in all fandom a on and archiveofourown keep up the amazing work and ignore the bad comments. thanks for the great pice of art that you have made with this fanfiction. TheRedPoet out
1/3/2017 c17 19draco122
awesome as always
1/2/2017 c17 Electro Fat Ceo
You should make all Percy's babes leave but artemis
12/29/2016 c17 Nico2060
Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on frozen sunsets
12/29/2016 c1 Boi
Boi what type of sentences are you writing?
12/28/2016 c6 Nolifeotaku
Dude, learn to use a comma. You have way to many run-on sentences, it makes me cringe.
12/28/2016 c17 1Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. Please have Artemis turn Percy into a girl. Thank you very much.
12/28/2016 c17 Ur back
Glad to see back its been like 2 3 yrs? Iwas here when u first started thia story and I l8ved I didnt expect u to come bak when I thought and alot of us thought u abandoned. Hope other great writers follow ur lead.
12/22/2016 c11 Scipio Marcellus
this is weird on so many levels
12/22/2016 c10 Scipio Marcellus
Percera might do just to spite zeus percephone is a little bit creepy but permphirite is just all awkward and creepy.
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