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7/27/2013 c23 MusicalUniverse
This story was awesome! Great job with it! :)
7/16/2012 c23 1browneyedgurl790
I freaking love this story! Ahhhhh. I just loved everything about it. Ahhh!
7/9/2012 c23 18BlueEyedCountryGirl
Loved the story. Great Ending
7/4/2012 c22 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Great chapter. I think you need one more chapter. update soon.
7/2/2012 c22 Guest
that was an amazingly funny chapter! i think you should do one more chapter about their future, like their wedding, and then them having kids (I always love it when the put how many kids they had and their names). i think if u did that it would be a great ending :)
6/20/2012 c21 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Loved the chapter and the talk with Kelly. Can't wait to see Sam's reaction. update soon.
6/4/2012 c20 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Great chapter! Loved it. So happy they're going to get married.
5/21/2012 c19 BlueEyedCountryGirl
I love this story so much. Update soon
5/21/2012 c19 Teddybear998
I looove! But do some lemons! This story will be beyond epic if you add some! 3
5/17/2012 c18 BlueEyedCountryGirl
I got so excited when i saw you updated. Great chapter. update soon.
5/9/2012 c17 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Loved the chapter, update soon
5/6/2012 c16 BlueEyedCountryGirl
good chapter. update soon
5/2/2012 c4 Bieberfever121
I actually put the song on when i read this
4/28/2012 c15 emma
so i just found this story and i loveeee it! its really great! i love the way you set up the characters! plz update soon :)
4/27/2012 c15 BlueEyedCountryGirl
Great chapter!. update soon.
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