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for Battling Guilt

8/9/2012 c1 28Elerrina Star
THIS. Is amazing. So much said in a reletively few number of words, and all the team!feels! And Brandt baby not being alone any more, having someone to help bear the guilt and to help him move on. It's just awesome. Going in my favorites.

Off to check your profile now in the hopes of more! :D
1/28/2012 c1 5tellygirl
Aww, Brandt takes too much on his shoulders. Part of me is hoping that he'll realize that *nobody* succeeds 100% of the time but if you try your best then that's what really matters and another part of me finds his misplaced guilt incredibly endearing.
1/28/2012 c1 35purehalo
This felt so true to the team, i love how they all end up finding each other to help ease the burdens and the way you've written it really showed how the tension eases as they train.
1/27/2012 c1 61Hidden Relevance
*whimpers* I'm not even sure how to review this.. part of me is all "ooo Brandt with a punching bag" and I want snuggles with him and then the rest of me is all "aww Brandt with the punching bag" and I want to cuddle him... You have my fangirl all confused!
1/27/2012 c1 74SupernaturalGeek
That was lovely :)
1/27/2012 c1 8RuinNine
This was, hmm, how to say it... Well, this was just perfect. It felt absolutely right, in a calm, peaceful and strong manner. Thank you so much for sharing!
1/27/2012 c1 91Victoria LeRoux
Lets see if I can type a review with one eye watering like mad.

I'd love to one day see the botched job story. I adore how you show the team at their low point, because often in ff characters just prevail time after time. It's always fun to see them vent frustration and confirm they're not perfect.
1/27/2012 c1 Red Tigress
"The only way they know how...WRESTLEMAINA!" Haha, jk. You know I love this. I'd be interested in seeing a story about the botched job as well, but in the mean time, I'm super happy with the one sentence I mentioned earlier, plus the last one. Nice way to end it.

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