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2/17/2014 c12 4Spitfire303
this is interesting but will there be more caskett :-)
6/24/2013 c3 1Probie girl1717
Ziva said tuck in, not dig in, just do you know! I love both these shows too! Mind reading mine?
4/29/2013 c12 2sakura2113
No more hiatus please!
3/29/2013 c12 3csilivili12
PLEASE continue it!
2/13/2013 c12 6wisegirl71301
1/28/2013 c1 Viivs0612
LOVE this story! please update soon! really looking forward to see what happens next! :)
12/15/2012 c12 Name Jon Voris
Please Update, The Suspence Is Killing Me ! ;) :)
12/4/2012 c12 5DelilaJules
Honestly, there are about four things I will say about this story.
1) Congrats. I'm officially addicted to it, considering its already 11 pm.
2) overall, it is very well written, but slightly choppy.
3) Why hasn't Ziva told anyone that Adam is the killer?
4) more please!
7/22/2012 c12 9nochance
7/10/2012 c11 EmoPiglet169
1 month, 2 days since you posted this. Can't wait for the next chapter because THIS 'UNS A FREAKIN' CLIFFIE!
Sorry. I fear for the state of my mental being sometimes.
Ahem. *clears throat*
So, what happens next? Adam attacks Kate and Ziva? Adam kills nanny and abducts Aria? And...TIVA TIVA TIIIIIVVVVAAAAAAA!
Ahem. Sorry, again.
Is it possible to get high off of lack of sleep?
7/10/2012 c9 EmoPiglet169
She's onto 'im...
7/10/2012 c6 EmoPiglet169
Oh, Adam's the killer. Awesome! I knew I didn't like. And not just cos he was a TSA road-block on highway Tiva. Okay, maybe a bit.
That was the worst analogy I've ever heard.
And I made it. I've kind of gone stir crazy lately so forgive me.
I can't wait for Tony to find out about HIS AND ZIVA'S KID! I imagine him freaking out like when Ziva liked him during the sexual harassment meeting in 'Driven'.
7/10/2012 c4 EmoPiglet169
For a tiny, TINY second there at the end ,I was like 'WTF?'...Then I realized...laser tag. I think it'd be cool to play laser tag at home like that, especially because I've had some...bad...experiences at the place that I've been to with friends. I got trampled into the floor cos it was pitch dark. Or pitch black, cos that's a constant debate between me and a friend...same one who I think trampled me, actually...
7/9/2012 c1 16AnimalCraziey
I've been looking for a crossover between my 2 fave shows:) great start and great idea!
6/18/2012 c11 8Skier Chick
please update soon! this is a really good story!
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