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2/6/2012 c3 8YamiBakura1988
2/5/2012 c3 Kyoko27
Wasn't expecting Kagome at the end... well not really.. Its not hard to picture her being the one interupting. I was just expecting Sesshoumaru because of the noise and the smell, would probably be getting to him! lol.. Or they could leave the confrontation to Kagome and then Kaede and Sesshoumaru can tease them...
2/5/2012 c2 Whitt
Ja Lolz this story Is both romantic and funny!~

I love this story plz hurry up!
2/1/2012 c2 4Peya Luna
hm, about high time inu gave sess a piece of his mind - and it seems as if severe blood-loss is good for the brain, as least if one is a pompous youkai lord ;-) for it really sounded at if sess were taking inu´s words to heart. now i´m only wondering how bad kags will freak when she learns of the budding romance between inu+shippo, and if maybe sess newly awakened brotherly feelings will cause him to defend inu - or better yet, find someone to take of that thrice-dammed rosary.

btw: the tree is called goshinboku, or simply god-tree...does it make me a nerd to know this? anyway, 'inu´s tree' works just as well for me ;-)
1/30/2012 c2 8YamiBakura1988
good chapter
1/29/2012 c1 5jaune x emerald
keep up the good work
1/29/2012 c1 4Peya Luna
awesome! thank you SO much for writing one of my favourite pairings, and a multi-chapter to boot, yay! there´s WAY too little inu/shippo or shippo/anyone out there...i like the age-twist and i love the changing pov´s. kudos for the bit with kaede, she too is way to underrepresented in fics, plus i like that she regrets putting that rosary on inu and agrees that the queenb*tch aka kagome abuses its powers. seriously, that is the one thing i don´t like about the show, how no one ever says a word when kags pounds inu into the floor for no reason at all (aside from being on PMS 24/7)
1/29/2012 c1 8YamiBakura1988
good chapter
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