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11/7/2015 c32 62Ihsan997
I'm glad my long, rambling comments at least provided inspiration for something good! But oh, this reminds me of the museum of torture in Amsterdam. It's so sad, and...did Lilah actually imply that she held that awful crystal up to the BABY as well? Omg I hope she and Lohurin get eaten by murlocs.
11/6/2015 c31 Ihsan997
Poor poor Ris! You describe the torture so vividly, and her state after being left chained for a few days...but that is more realistic, in terms of how her condition would be afterward. The captain was at least sympathetic but I'm afraid of what happens when she sees Lilah.

It's good to see Greymur and Rotharian together. The whole group will go after her for sure, but I have a feeling that those two are the most serious.
11/3/2015 c30 Ihsan997
Nooooo how did they get her son? You weren't joking when you said things really heat up about now!

Izoreas really has a lot to answer for, but hopefully Ellearis can get him to make up for it. And now that the entire Ratchet gang is there, it will be good to see Greymur and the others (and hopefully Riselle) in action.
11/3/2015 c29 Ihsan997
Renaaaaa! Oh I'm so happy now! She was just hurt, I hope your noble wolf comes back and bites some heads off.

This storyline just got really serious. Riselle is in a terrible situation, but the group is aware and Suarez is a good addition. This is very exciting!
11/2/2015 c28 Ihsan997
Nooooooooooo Rena! Dee you broke my heart!

More of the story moved her...Ivorian has serious trust issues to beat his wife over mere suspicion. She seemed mad but very calm all things considered, perhaps because she places preserving their reputation over her fight with him? Hopefully she will get involved; she seems much kinder snd sane than him.

But poor Rena...lol I should be sad for Riselle since she thought she was free and then got backstabbed by Zef, but really I'm sadder for the wolf. She was like part of the cast, this is so sad.
11/1/2015 c27 Ihsan997
You have a talent for the "to be continued" sort of writing. Frequently I'm reading progress in the story and laughing like with Jatfast becoming a vegetable (that shouldn't make me laugh but it did) but then serious stuff like Lohurin stalking Riselle comes up toward the end and I'm like omg. What's he going to try!
10/30/2015 c26 Ihsan997
You really know how to explain a scene! I honestly would have got a third or maybe just a quarter of a chapter out of an execution but you really brought this to life. It's almost like a tutorial for explaining how to write a proper chapter - in addition to advancing the story.

What is Riselle feeling when Jerg is spared? He spoke of regret but he was still paid to go after her. Now that he's alive, will he create problems for her? Or will he go on his way?
10/29/2015 c25 Ihsan997
Most of the chapter was about the part of the group that split off into UC, but my attention is focused on Lilah!

Thinking her over again, she is a complicated person. Is she wholly responsible for her selfish actions? Or is she trapped in a social structure that controls her? I wouldn't have said this a few months ago when I had first started reading but I'm just thinking it over now. Maybe she feels pressured into this position of constantly defending social position and prestige at the risk of becoming worthless among her people.

Though everybody still makes a choice. And trying to kidnap Riselle's baby is still evil. What a tangled web you've woven!
9/29/2015 c24 Ihsan997
Aww, Jeri is cute when she doesn't have attention from Jatfast all the time. I hope he returns soon enough - they're wacky and dysfunctional, but they're made for each other.

And she's getting along real well with Ris! For all the crap Greymur puts up with for his friends, there is a definite benefit. Things are working out for their arrangement.
9/29/2015 c23 Ihsan997
Creepy, well played and a good way to display a lot of realities. Lilah did care for Asathar in her evil way, and he wanted to feel a sense of approval from his mom. So now he's dead and I kind of don't feel bad for any of them. But man this was a great chapter! Are the family members based on any players?
9/28/2015 c22 Ihsan997
The whole chapter took place over a single conversation in the kitchen, but this might be the most important chapter up until now in terms of character development. Greymur is able to talk very openly about what happened to his daughter, though his way of coping seems to be fatalism. Riselle is a bit more passionate and driven to makr a change, though in her case, she can - Lady Whiterun hasn't found her daughter yet.

This was really very well put together. I thought they understood each other's plight before but now, even more so.
9/26/2015 c21 Ihsan997
Lol wait is Jatfast locked inside of the room now?

He really does love Jeri, which is...cute, I guess? She really ought to understand how lucky she is, a lot of people wouldn't put up with her as a wife or friend and there Jatfast is, obsessed with her.

So here's Rotharian, assistant of sorts for Jonas...who is a business parter for Snowy. There are multiple connections here that even the characters don't seem to realize. What else will they discover, walking around an underground undead city?
9/25/2015 c20 Ihsan997
Jeri is acting like a brat. The group has a lot of patience with her so they must truly care but she shouldn't take thst for granted. Although Ris is mature, it would be funny to see her punch Jeri back at the most random moment.

We have another cast member! A...corpse who is a corpse dealer?
9/24/2015 c19 Ihsan997
Jeri really is kind of spoiled and she's lucky to have a sister like Jewels. Jatfast must care about her too much to tell her honestly that she needs to think about others a little more which kind of punctuates that point.

Hmm...does Riselle suspect that Greymur doesn't like keeping her around? Or is she thinking about how he views the goblins?
9/24/2015 c18 Ihsan997
Honestly it will do Hurias some good to get out and see the world. He's young and naive for an elf and the experience might broaden his horizons (and relieve pressure on Riselle, who is probably a little overwhelmed by her situation already).

But Riselle's family...what is her mom up to? This is obviously a flashback of some sort, but why is she meeting this man?
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