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for Silent Sweetheart (updated version posted)

4/24 c1 13Elle Whitecap
Reading this story now on another platform. I’m glad to see you are re-vamping it because as much as I really like it, honestly I don’t feel a lot of chemistry between E and B. I feel like he’s only looking for a mother for his child. I hope the edit adds a bit more attraction and chemistry to this couple.
4/20 c2 minx7395
I loved the premise of this story and read it with the knowledge that it was a young author who wrote it. I still loved to read it now and again. I am excited for the next version!
4/20 c1 sue1zide
I just discovered this in a group on Facebook. I do hope that I get to experience this.
3/29 c2 6XYLIA B
Looking forward to the new story since I'm a La girl myself...born & raised. Gotta luv the South.
3/23 c2 cahtx
I can’t wait to read your story!
3/22 c2 43Paty4Hale
Well, I loved, absolutely loved the first version of this story (I didn’t care that it wasn’t realistic for her to have a practice) but this new version seems interesting as well.
Can’t wait to read it!
3/22 c2 tiffyboocullenjonas
Wow that’s great loved it can’t wait for this to come out
3/22 c2 mrafaella.2rodrigues
oww adorei ansiosa para vc postar obrigada
3/21 c1 2YourNotGonnaChangeMe
I love this story and honestly I’ve come back to read it multiple times. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming.
3/19 c1 cecye
Hope you can do what you need to do. Please hurry ;)
3/18 c1 1canadiantwilight
awee nooooooooo :(
3/18 c1 Shelly0506
No please put it back up. I just started it and I fell in love with it
3/18 c1 rochinha058
Can’t wait for the rewrite!
3/18 c1 tiffyboocullenjonas
Do what you need to to make this the best it can be
3/18 c1 Melissa Moyer
Where did it all go?
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