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for Loyal Friends, Pasts Truth's

8/24/2016 c5 Betty.S
Please finish the story... I love this idea so much
11/23/2014 c5 guardianofdragonlore
Oh my this seems like it'll be amazing...please update.
3/12/2014 c5 1Ravenclaw667
1/19/2014 c5 5ihuntwithwinchesters
Love it!
9/21/2013 c5 48Chris Emrys
It is very interesting! I like how you write the characters :) And I can't wait for the "watch the serie" part I noticed it has been a long time since you updated though, so I'd just like to know if you plan to update? I can understand how hard (and long) it can be to write a story, especially a character watch the show, but yours has a lot of potential, as well as your writings! It's alright to take time to write, if you haven't discontinued. If you did decide to stop though, I still hope you might want to update one day _
7/16/2013 c5 4annabelthegreat
Ooooh... this looks very cool... any chance of an update?
6/23/2013 c5 Belle'Masque
Can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!
5/16/2013 c1 1Madkatt
I hope you update again soon. :)
3/20/2013 c5 4KeyTyper
are some of those riddles from the Hobbit? love that reference. and was that man who attacked Merlin the same older voice in the cave? i really love this story. great idea. keep writing!
2/18/2013 c5 119Book girl fan
When are they going to get to finding out about Merlin?
2/17/2013 c5 MERLINLOVER365
WOW this is really great :D Plleeaaasssseee update soon? I LOVE it!
2/3/2013 c5 98EmrysTheMerlin
OOOOHHHHH I want to know what happens next. I love this story, it is beautifuly written and wonderfly thought out!
1/26/2013 c5 1Madkatt
Looks interesting, I look forward to the next chapter
1/6/2013 c5 19SilvermistAnimeLover
Interesting... The third riddle is easy; Time. The second riddle... Death? The first one... Anger? Greed? Riddles aren't my strong suit, but they are fun! :D Thanks for writing this story! Will we see some crystal magic soon? :)
1/6/2013 c1 SilvermistAnimeLover
Fantastic job! (Haven't finished reading yet. LOL) I noticed in your Author's Note that you like having grammatical errors pointed out to you. Luckily, I tend to pick them out of stories subconsciously. So I'll be adding them to this review as I read this chapter. I'll copy and paste the sentence(s) with the error(s) with quotation marks, and then rewrite it in brackets [] with the correction(s) directly underneath the quote. So! First one I found: Paragraph 2.

"Recently, he noticed he had been going on many of these hunting trips, they often seemed to take away the increasing pressure of ruling and defending a kingdom off of his shoulders, he finds it almost relaxing. Well almost as mentioned due to a certain /idiot/ who was causing the majority of the prey to not come within what most likely, half a miles radius from them."
[Recently, he noticed he had been going on many of these hunting trips. They often seemed to take the increasing pressure of ruling and defending a kingdom off of his shoulders; he found them to be almost relaxing. Well, /almost/ due to a certain /idiot/ who usually scared away all the prey within a half-mile radius.]

NEXT ONE: Paragraph 4
""Sorry /sire/, if a certain prat didn't have to drag his poor servant, out on a hunt, than the said poor servant wouldn't be scaring away any poor, innocent and defenceless little bunny's away anyway, replied Merlin, "How can you find hunting fun anyway? Its horrible""
["Sorry /Sire/. Perhaps if a certain /prat/ didn't drag his poor servant out on a hunt, then I wouldn't be scaring away any poor, innocent, defenseless little bunnies." replied Merlin, "How can you find hunting fun anyway? It's horrible!"]

I've decided just to copy and paste the rest of your story, and edit it from there as I read it, alright? Oh! And if you didn't know, /this/ is to italicize the word, and *this* is to bold it.

"Only you, Merlin," Gwaine chuckled, "could see hunting as something horrible." Arthur smiled to himself. /That's certainly true. Merlin is possibly the only person I know who could be as such an idiot as to believe that hunting is something wrong./

"Well, sorry if I don't see the fun in ending the lives of vulnerable fluffy little creatures." Merlin retorted with a look of annoyance. "Plus, hunting is boring. We hardly ever manage to catch something; and if we do, Percival or Leon are ones who usually catch it."

"Idiot, the only reason we hardly catch anything is due to your clumsy feet alerting just about everything breathing to where we are." Arthur stated.

"Stop being such a prat."

"Well, /you/ stop being such an girl."

"Clot pole! Anyway find a new insult, it’s getting boring."

"Dollop head!"

"That's my word! You–you... you tree hugger!"

Everyone burst out laughing. "I like the new word, Merlin. Where did you get the idea for that one from?" Gwaine exclaimed.

"Gwaine," Tristan laughed, "I can explain this one. When I first met a certain kingly simpleton, the first evening he spent in my camp—whilst I was talking to Merlin—the King here,” Tristan pointed over to the slightly irritated and embarrassed King on his horse, "was hugging a tree."

"Really? Wow, Sire, never knew you were the tree-hugging type. Be careful Gwen, or you may lose your love to a tree!" Gwaine joked.

"That would never happen, Gwaine. And please stop annoying Arthur or you may have me to answer to." Gwen giggled and gave a quick wink.

Gwaine cringed, "Percival! Save me! The Queen’s going to kill me! Save me Percival, please!"

"You got yourself into this mess Gwaine," Percival smirked, "and you can get yourself out of it."

"But it’s not– that's– that's not... Elyan plea–"

"No, don't even bother. Percival’s right."

"Leon?" Gwaine turned to Leon who just shook his head. Then Gwaine turned to Tristan. "Please save me! I stand no chance against her Queenly ways! She can even make Arthur scared when she wants to!" Gwaine exclaimed.

"Gwaine I do not get–" The King stopped short when his wife turned to give him a pointed look.

Everyone burst out into another round of laughter. "Maybe hunting isn't so boring after all." Merlin commented whilst trying to keep the laughter out of his voice.

"Merlin…" Arthur spoke in a warning sort of tone, "If anyone is the one who gets scared easily it is you."

"Sure, you royal tree-hugger, just keep telling yourself of that." Everyone but Arthur sniggered.

"Speaking of the first time I met you, has there been any news on whether Morgana is alive or not?" Tristan questioned about a minute or so later.

"No. Not that I’ve heard of. I suspect she’s still alive, though, seeing as no body was found and Morgana—evil or not—has always been someone I've known to not to be defeated easily." Arthur responded.

"Knowing that witch, if she did survive she’s most likely planning against us right know." Elyan cut in.

With that, Arthur had to agree. Even though it had been a full year since reclaiming his place as King of Camelot from Morgana, he couldn't deny the fact that, without firm evidence of her death, Morgana was most likely still alive and plotting against him this very moment.

Nonetheless, this time he was prepared.

Ever since he had reclaimed the throne, he decided to move the round table—where he had knighted his most worthy knights—to Camelot’s main hall. After all, what’s the point of keeping such an object in an old castle of ancient kings when it could be of use somewhere else? He had also gained another knight of the round table—Sir Tristan.

In the time of the aftermath of which Morgana, Helios and Agravaine had created in their rule, Tristan had asked Arthur whether he could remain in Camelot. Without his love, Isolde, he had nowhere left to go, and had no plans for his future.

Realizing this, and seeing Tristan's newfound loyalty, Arthur had immediately said ‘yes’, and asked if he would join as one of the members of the round table. Although Tristan was visibly surprised at the offer, he had instantly replied with a yes and that he would happily protect Arthur with his life so Isolde’s death would not be in vain.

Merlin spoke, bringing Arthur out of his thoughts. "If Morgana is still alive, then I think we would’ve found out by this point. I’m pretty sure that if she is still alive, she would most likely have done something by now."

Gwaine shuddered with the thought of her last attack. He had to fight for even the smallest amount of food. "Well at least, with no signs of Morgana, all is fine."

Gwaine didn't even realize how much of a bad omen that comment was as, all of a sudden, numerous shouts and war cries fell upon the area.

So? What did you think? Are my corrections good, or not? If you want me to edit more chapters, then just PM me and let me know. Otherwise, I'll just sit back, and enjoy the story. :)
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