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2/16/2013 c1 no name 12345
Beautiful! Just beautiful!
1/21/2006 c1 4DarkObsessor
*tear* So great...
9/5/2005 c1 17SIN Productions
Short and to the point. It portrays Spike's feelings and true intent very well. My favorite line was: That despite human effort and the human heart, all roads wind up in this loading dock?

Bravo! Very well written.
2/20/2005 c1 wei-cool
It's a nice short story.

...but isen't Ed a boy.

On the show I heard someone call him Edward and that is definetly a guy's name.

I don't really think anyone would name a girl edward.

I also think Anniversary is a really nice short story. It's short which I think complements the bittersweetness.


1/12/2005 c1 Bloody Charlotte
Another piece of litarary gold! everstar, you have captured another favorite and have inputed your own truth into it. I would like to say that it's nice to read a good story now and then, but yours are great all the time! Bye!
9/23/2004 c1 8Sakuma Sonnet
you meanie :(

it´s nice
6/29/2003 c1 Jupiter's Light
Super sad! :( But great writing! :) I loved it! ^.~
4/10/2003 c1 25Neko-chan4
It's good but IT'S SO SHORT! I just wanna' shoot the idiotic bastard myself everytime he does this-damned, bull-headed lunkhead...! *sigh* Damned man is so fine, yet such an idiot.

Loved the fic! Keep writing! Write longer stuff! With happy endings! More kissing! How about wild monkey sex, too? (j/k)
4/5/2003 c1 havoc
You know, I realized I've never actually reviewed this. It makes much more sense now that I've got some kind of an idea who people are ;) Nice job, H.
5/18/2002 c1 2Illustrious Ryu
That was very good, not the kind of plot I really like, but you have some serious writing talent.
5/16/2002 c1 7ObsidianMist
A very effective piece of writing. Good job!
5/16/2002 c1 Ace Of Spades1
That is soooo good! Congrats! Beautiful, so touching, you have a way with words. :)
5/16/2002 c1 MiyaQui
this is one of my favorite scenes from the whole series, i love the way you put it here. this way so sweet, and sad, and perfect. maybe you could write something longer, that would be cool.
5/15/2002 c1 70Lady Razorsharp
*sigh* This is so bittersweet...your word choices here are really great, they're what make this believable (for me, anyway).

And you know what, I could see him kissing her like that..."It'll have to carry her, because it's all I've got left." Oh mercy...

Absolutely beautiful.
5/15/2002 c1 8bunnyb
that was very pretty. sad too, but in a sweet way. :)
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