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for The One That Got Away

4/9/2012 c1 7sakura-fai
beautiful but so sad...
2/12/2012 c1 12Ismeme
Aw that was sad. I loved it though. You did a great job of catching the characters emotions and that's not easy to do. It was great
1/30/2012 c1 33KeepCalmStayStrong
Awww, this is a sweet and sad story for Rangiku and Gin. They're one of my fave couples in the Bleach series. Good with Rangiku's tone and characterization on her thoughts with Gin and his demise. Keep up the good work.

If you're interested, you can check out my own GinxRangiku stories from my profile. Again, good work! :)
1/30/2012 c1 35xXxWolvesInTheNightxXx
Awww loved this! Rangiku and Gin have to be one of my favorite pairings! :)
1/30/2012 c1 20prdee

This was sweet. Like heartbreaking sweet :) Even though I'm totally clueless about Bleach, I mean it has been two years since I've read it, so yeah. Which chapter are you on now? I stopped at 400, I think.

Anyways, you're right, they do deserve a happy ending -sighs- but they didn't. All the best romances are tragedies, wow what does this say about the real world? lmao jokess. Both of them are soo cute together! (Even though Gin has weird eyes and Rangiku has big you know what :P)

This was well written and it had a very nice flow :) And it was super sweet, have I mentioned that before? :)

Keep writing! :D

(I think I'll go read some bleach fics now :D)

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