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for Alone

8/19/2013 c5 WoWFanatic47
Yayy can't wait 4 more!
7/30/2013 c5 deafears14
i like the story but i what my pet peeves are is i dont like how you portrayed humanity by saying only capable of destruction. we do great things to. Also equestria is not perfect nothing is , but other than that like it.
7/4/2013 c5 xtremesmw
Are you going to continue this story?
4/20/2012 c5 20Jayswing103
4/14/2012 c1 liam
i live in good ol bc too. only i live in duncan
3/4/2012 c1 S.G
FINALLY a pony in the human world fic! Hopefully these will get more popular.
2/26/2012 c2 1D4SH13WR1T3S
I've read chp.4 and found it amazing I just wished you uploaded more. Are you looking for more oc's? If so could you feature mine? Anyway the story is great noone and I mean noone can hold a candle to the plot of this story. I also would like to see some more character development for madison maybe a chapter from her point of view. I also just started like now. Meaning I havent uploaded a story yet but I have one to upload. I would like to say you and your story and the song pony fantasy by d.notive were my inspiration for this fic i'm making and I was also wondering if you could give me a shout out. The story hints on grimdark no shipping no clopping. Eh sorta child appropriate. Maybe my story could give you some inspiration for yours. P.s like mah name

p.p.s its dashie writes except beastified and man or woman doesn't matter ask me specific questions on your story if you want help, info, or inspiration. I only want to make a good story better.
2/23/2012 c4 1thewookie1
Very interesting read, but your religious information is off by a mile.

Catholic Priests cannot marry.

The step-parents remind me more of some pseudo-Christian religious cult in the way they fear posession as the cause to every problem. Along with their abuse of Chris. They are bending the Bible like a rubber band.

If anything, they would be what you call a religious zealot. Lastly you could always play it that Mr. Rich guy feels he is a Catholic Priest even though he is not. He may also have distaste in Catolicism
2/23/2012 c4 3Mechan Anical
1 thousand times, me gusta
2/23/2012 c4 5Champ11
I like the story, even though I dislike the way that Christianity is portrayed. Those parents don't act at all like the Bible teaches (to the point of going completely against what they Bible teaches), and they're what we'd call false converts.

One big error that I noticed, the medical procedures used were wrong in some places. First, elevate an injury doesn't mean straighten out the limb. All that does is make the blood flow easier and faster, and that's the opposite of what you want. It means to raise the injury above the heart so that the blood flow slows down. Second, leaving a broken limb hanging like they did, is only asking for more, and worse, problems. All broken limbs need to be set in a splint, if only to keep them from moving (which is what causes the injury to get worse), even if that means the limb isn't set right before the splint is applied. Also, letting the bone heal after not being set properly will make you have to re-break the limb for it to heal right. With the procedure used, they would cause Dash to loose the ability to fly, permanently, as the limb would be too damaged to use. (Source: US Army First-Aid training)

Other then the above, there haven't been any noticeable spelling/grammar errors, so great job on the front. The characters all feel real, and relatable. Although I wish Chris would grow a spine when it comes to his father, as his fight showed he has one, but I can understand why he doesn't fight back (still don't like it).
2/23/2012 c4 Crimson Banner
She didn't even apologise!
2/13/2012 c3 1WinterStarTheAwesome
I love this story! Please write more soon! I love it! It's kinda dark but... I love it! And, did I mention that I love it?
2/13/2012 c3 hellgod666
Awsome he finally found dash I really like this story so far but I'm going to rage if the others also find dash with Chris i don't know why but I think it would just be boring if that were to happen...but it's your story bro do what you want with it :). I think it's great!
2/12/2012 c2 1beenwire
finally someone put two and two together and made a pony in the human world fic! well done keep it up!
2/7/2012 c2 hellgod666
Good chapter but I kept waiting for him to find dash or something can't wait till the next chapter!
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