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8/11/2019 c1 gr8rockstarrox
Wow, I was so bitchy in my previous review — I apologise, I was still learning the rope of constructive criticism. FemHarry/Ron is a truly underrated rare pair, and I liked reading it this time around as well. :)
8/1/2017 c1 Guest
I do hope you do a continuation or prequel to this story
11/1/2015 c1 14gr8rockstarrox
It was a nice fic, and I liked it. There a few minor mistakes though, and a beta reader could probably help you with that?
11/30/2014 c1 7BAdFanFicTIONrighter99
aww that was cute
1/9/2013 c1 1SirROTGUT
Nice, there are almost no Ron/ femHarry stories
8/8/2012 c1 1there.is.always.a.rainbow
I love this! The way you wrote it, so simple, no huge events or magic dates is so refreshing! The way you can just feel the special relationship Ron and Bella have is amazing, there's nothing special to point it out. There are just two friends helping each other and even though hermione and lavender are their they aren't truly a part of what's happening. It's sweet and the way you ended it just pulled the whole hing together. Is a great story and I hope you write more, because there are so many possible places for something like this to go, even if it started as a one-shot. Please write more!
7/15/2012 c1 cookyc
oh what does he mean cold blooded I cant wait to read more
7/12/2012 c1 SaySomethingNiceDarling
wow hermione and lavender where really annoying! um did she like ron? cause that would be really cute i like it!
6/11/2012 c1 deepstars
brilliant! i love fem!harry stories, and i can't seem to find any f!hp/rw out there besides this one... so good job! :D
4/22/2012 c1 Brae
I love this, there just aren't enough fem!Harry storries! Are you going to write more on this? Please say you are! I'd love to read it
4/21/2012 c1 39Mai Ascot
Daaaw... I always thought that if Harry WAS a girl, Ron would fall for her; not 'Mione. Glad someone finally agrees!
3/18/2012 c1 186merdarkandtwisty
hopefully you'll write more Ron and Bella in the future.
3/14/2012 c1 25917brat
Oh this sounds really intresting can you think of make a sequal to this?
1/30/2012 c1 8Rebecca Calzone
THIS WAS EPIC! Love potion chapter, fem!Harry/Ron, fluff, and Lavender bashing all rolled into one!

i'm going to have a seizure this is so awesome

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