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10/15/2017 c1 marcelyn167
I got really happy to see someone wrote a fanfic about Aro and Jane without romantic feelings – these two are my favourite characters of the Volturi (who are undoubtedly my favourite coven), and it's very rare to find an interesting interaction between them. I love how you made Jane so childlike (she's only 12, after all, and that's what makes her so creepy and fascinating) and a little vulnerable, instead of a little sadistic monster that I often see in fanfics. This is exactly how I imagine her relationship with Aro, always eager to please him and mantain her place as his favourite – she's probably the most loyal guard, even more than Alec or Chelsea. "Aro is the one person of significance in her life, besides Alec, but Aro is the one she always wanted to be the favorite of", said S. Meyer in a interview. They both are very in-character, and Aro honestly scared me a little, with his cold façade of kindness. I felt really sorry for Jane. Good job!
6/30/2017 c1 Giovanna
So beautiful! I'm kinda obsessed with the Volturi (especially these two) and this is exactly how I imagine the closeness in their relationship (not romantically, given the fact he's about 25 and she's only a child). You let them totally in-character! Love it!
2/23/2016 c1 3ZileRacer
Good, Wish you would write a little more about what Alec said to her. Etc.
11/18/2015 c1 6PerfectionJune
That was beautiful. And I admit I do wonder what would happen if Jane found out what she did, how she would react to the idea of killing Alec.
2/22/2013 c1 Violet
Very well written, I liked it alot! maybe even loved it!, I really hope you will continue with this rather then it being a one-shot, Sorry my review is so short but if it makes you feel any better I REALLY did love it and how you wrote it! :)
1/20/2013 c1 5Alicia of the Temptation
Perfect. Magnificent. Almost all fanfic writers give Jane such a cold personality, it's refreshing - relieving - to show her having childlike vulnerability, given the fact she was actually 12-13 when she was transfigured. Beautifully written and character capturing, especially in a topic hardly discussed by Volturi writers. Excellent job.
12/5/2012 c1 9x.Scattered.Memories.x
I loved this! You captured Jane and Aro perfectly :) Brilliant story. x
11/20/2012 c1 6iSmileWheniSeeYou
I love this piece to bits! All the character's were spot on, and your writing has such a unique feel to it. It flows so well.
I really enjoyed how innocent you made Jane, always seeking the approval of Aro. It was a side of her I rarely ever see any other author surface.
I also enjoyed Aro's charm. It gets me every time. (:
Anyhow, this is a wonderful story, and I can see why it makes you so proud. It's brillant. Great job. (:
8/11/2012 c1 AntagonistXI
Damn, that was really well done! I could just feel Jane's apprehension mounting as she talked to Aro, especially since I knew what was coming.
You did a really good job capturing the dynamic between the two; I could easily imagine them talking like this.

Like another reviewer said, I wonder if Jane tends to see Aro through rose-colored lenses. I think his statement at the end at least showed that he felt guilty however - not enough to be remorseful, or regretful, but still conflicted.

I am a bit bothered by some of Jane's characteristics though.
She was too childish for me even if she was only turned at what, 12? The almost soul-crushing disappointment she felt at Aro's disapproval was appropriate due to the nature of their relationship, but some of her mannerisms and blushing reactions (at Alec's crush for instance) were a bit much, I think.

Good job all around, but something to think about - especially if you expand this story like I hope you do!
4/25/2012 c1 17Laureen Lycan
Oh MAN. SO well done! The rapport between them was fabulous, the special relationship between Master and his favorite servant very apparent.

The last part was chilling, you could feel Jane's cold apprehension. Very well done!
2/23/2012 c1 runasyoulike
I really liked the way you pictured them... Totally in character...

And the way you showed Jane's childishness and her feelings for Aro... It was great!

I've read most of your Volturi fics... Please write more!
2/7/2012 c1 9Sweet but Psycho
I can understand why you would have a soft spot for this- it's very good! And since you said it led to other pieces from you...I may have to check them out :)

I loved your characterization of Jane. All we get in the books are from Bella's point of view, and all she sees is a demented little girl with a creepy gift. You gave her that real 'little girl' feel that I know she has. And how she thinks she's 'Aro's perfect little daughter' to use the words of another auther...the one that wrote 'Dark side of the moon,' I think.

And I love love LOVED the bit where Aro had his back to Jane and was talking about Didyme. I could just so completely see it in my mind. And you totally captured Aro's personality there too- I don't know if others see it this way, but he so totally laughing his ass off!

Ha, this review has turned into quite the praise parade. The only real criticism (I have such issues spelling that word) is to check a little more thoroughly for typos and the like. There was one sentence that I managed to remember to highlight: "Master's whole back turns ridged at the question" I do believe you mean 'rigid' here. There was another couple instances, just silly little typos. Nothing really to do with content. I think at one point you forgot a space between Master and...I think it was Caius. Might have been Marcus. I can't remember, and I forgot to copy/paste it.

Oh, also...I laughed like an idiot when I thought of Alec having a crush on Athenodora, and Caius's reaction to that. That was a well-written bit :)

And so, with that, I bid you adieu!

1/31/2012 c1 160ComingAndGoingByBubble
Aro scares me!

1/31/2012 c1 Aidoann
Superbly done, as usual! I don't like Jane, usually but you've written her wonderfully. So many things just mentioned or hinted at. It makes my evening just thinking about them. I wonder, if Chelsea has something to do with the way how Jane wants to please Aro. And Alec has a "thing" for Athenodora? I should like a piece of writing about that, I think, or is there already?

Please keep up your work!
1/31/2012 c1 31Kyilliki
This is an interesting interaction between Aro and Jane. I don't know whether she's a perfectly reliable narrator; she seems to be reading a lot of warmth and remorse into Aro's speech. Whether that's really there or not, I don't know, but it presents a compelling divide between the coolly detached side of Aro that was responsible for killing his sister, and the sliver of him that regrets the act.

What this one-shot does very well is explain the closeness between Jane and Aro; it seems that she respects him so much that she will overlook any character flaw, and that he sees her as so young that he'll be honest with her, albeit inadvertently.

The glimpses of Aro's opinion regarding Didyme are fascinating as well. Three thousand years later, he's still so upset that she picked Marcus, I see. I love the idea that she was transformed too soon, or that there was something wrong with the process- it's such an Aro-ish thing to think, regardless of its truth.

Finally, I'm infinitely amused by the portrayal of peripheral characters in this one-shot, Sulpicia and her solitary brain cell and Alec and Athenodora in particular. The Volturi being something of a dysfunctional family is just as awesome as them being genuinely evil.

Lovely writing, as ever.

- Kyilliki

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