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9/5/2019 c58 Bob
I hated the ending. So much sadness and pain. It's a good story but wow that hurt
7/20/2018 c1 2MaydenFang
I really don't like Futa stories...
but after Jihl's blackmailing started in chapters-whatever, there's been a mini-movie playing in my head that just wouldn't stop!
The trauma feels so real I almost sob just reading it!
4/26/2018 c58 816N00b
break my hearts in a good way. kudos for the author.
1/4/2018 c58 29Fallen Shadow69
god dang... this is like my fifth or sixth time reading this... and I've got to say I love it more and more each time. everything about this screams perfection. I'm a little sad that Silver Linings hasn't updated but this is just so beautiful by itself i can't stay mad. i hope you are doing well either way.
12/11/2017 c58 unbridleddesire
okay, that was heart breaking. didnt expect that, but at least they have closure... except for jihl, someone pls strangle that bitch for me
12/11/2017 c52 unbridleddesire
that otp part heal my heart a little, after all the constant pain and angst
12/11/2017 c45 unbridleddesire
why am doing this to myself
12/10/2017 c42 unbridleddesire
12/10/2017 c37 unbridleddesire
alright i take it back, light has changed and now im the bitch. she turned into a supportive girl friend when fang is raped. against her consent. i hate this happened but i guess it's part of the story
12/10/2017 c28 unbridleddesire
christ, i didnt know you continue this fic on ffnet, i thought it was abandoned on ao3, read through the review and fang an light isnt together, kinda see that coming..i mean light is such a mean bitch
1/9/2017 c58 Luna del Desierto
Best story I've ever read. Although the sad ending I still liked the majority of the chapters. But like you, I can't think of any other way to end this. Mostly because of the background that both Claire and Fang have been dragging along. So thanks for sharing this amazing story.
8/10/2015 c58 A2463
Great story.
3/25/2015 c57 2RaeDay
No... Wtf. Nooooooook. I seriously read all of this. And... Really!? Just friends. That's it? No sequel? I can understand a bittersweet ending but this was just awful all around. It didn't give me a good feeling or make my heart ache in a good way. It just... Ugh... I read this all in a few days and now I'm depressed. Why can't there be a sequel? Ugh I'm so sad now.
12/28/2014 c17 E.Weste
I've never watch Final Fantasy before so I had to Googled some things and get an idea sort off of the characters and such. I guess I just stumbled upon the story and thought why not. Anyway, looking about how many chapters and committed I was going to need to be I read the reviews.
I mean the fans won't lie to you.
And I see things turn out to the worst
I see that Fang supposedly is getting blackmailed
I read that they just turn out as friends at the end
I just read disappointed all around
I guess I'll take a break and see if I want to continue reading this...I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS! is all *sigh*
11/13/2014 c58 Person
It was nice the ending had me like wtf but overall it was awesome!
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