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12/31/2012 c56 shadowernick
Beautiful :-P ...
12/30/2012 c56 Guest

12/30/2012 c56 utenafangirl
Depressing! Still leave enough room for imagination for what happens in the future of maybe forgiveness Flight business in my own little head...though saddens me since the tiny little -fin- reared its head...I was hoping they would overcome that whole thing and grow stronger in terms of relationship but at last whats ment to be is what ment to be...like how FFXIII-2 *sigh* well hope to read more Flight business in other fics (that I wish be updated too)
12/30/2012 c56 flameprincess
Such a bittersweet ending! Oh my gosh, this has got to be one of the best stories that I have read on this site and thank you for giving it a realistic and solid ending. As much as I wanted Light n Fang to be together, your last few chapters made it seem too fanciful for that too happen. I really enjoyed reading this and can't wait for your next work!
12/30/2012 c56 Pelargir
I like the soft ending. It's actually quite impactful despite my first indecent thoughts, but those were mostly like 'T_T it's over? No!' lol.
Someone couldn't ask for a better story, so you have my congratulations on being such a wonderful author! now on to other projects eh?
12/30/2012 c56 NyssaFenix
WHAT!? The end? You can't end it like that. Light and Fang belong together! They've been through so much and together they can heal. This ending has made me sooooooo sad.
12/30/2012 c56 6Christer Bleu
Okay, I don't know what to say to properly articulate what I am feeling accurately. First thing is I truly did enjoy this story and wish you could have kept it going. I loved Hawk and Lebreau, their characters were hilarious and gave me something to look forward to during my fifteen minute breaks at work. Honestly I half expected that Lightning would be pregnant and wouldn't ever tell Fang because she was afraid of hurting her or something but you already did something like that in "Another World" (I don't remember if I reviewed that at the end but I meant to because I enjoyed that too) and it was kind of expected so I guess that's why you didn't to it which makes sense. I feel as if the ending was elegantly done and not too rushed, Lightning realizing that she and Fang couldn't work realistically after this huge event is a very adult decision. Not too many people would do that and the cycle of pain just continues because I think that people like to hurt. Keep up the good work, I hope that you start again on "Picking Up The Pieces" after this.
12/30/2012 c56 a fan
I am one of the few people who actually liked the ending but that's because I never approved of their relationship in the first place. Can you even call it that? It started with a lie that stressed them both out and it's like all they did was fuck and say I love you and call me Claire in between. Can't see them getting together if they hadn't been forced together so thank you for this ending.

Overall story was great. Felt like you rushed sometimes, especially near the end but that didn't take away from my enjoyment. I wish you took more time to show the effects of Fang's disappearance on the Yuns and more time showing Lightning moving on. I'm happy for her though. She didn't get hung up on Fang and offed herself. Good on ya, Lightning! No offense to Fang but she's kinda a trainwreck and a high maintenance girl even before the rape, was never fit to be in a relationship from the start.

If there's a sequel, I hope they stay friends and for Lightning to stay in Cocoon. Kinda didn't like that you made it look like Pulse is this paradise that everyone dreams to live in. Some people like technology and warm water in the shower and TV, thank you very much.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is I love this story and I thank you for giving it the right ending.

To everyone shitting on this story and calling it bad because of the ending, think of it this way. It could be worse, Lightning could have ended up with Cid or some man.
12/30/2012 c56 3team boomerAANG
What an amazing story. The story was probably as happy an ending as realistically possible, but I still find myself wishing Fang and Light would have been more than friends or that Light was unknowingly pregnant with Fang's child and that got them back together. The story took such a sharp turn from the beginning. I wonder, was this the ending you had planned from the beginning because I never would have expected that. I guess all stories can't have happy endings. Looking forward to more Flight stories from you though!
12/30/2012 c56 Spikesagitta
Hmm not how I imagine it to end...but it's an ending and closure to everything.
12/30/2012 c56 Bespectacled Dwarf
Although as much as my FLight fangirl was hoping (screaming) for a... uhh... romantic ending for both Light and Fang, the two of them ending up as friends after all they've been through was a nice touch of reality. I've read your other FLight stories too and I've enjoyed them so far. I'm still looking forward to The Devil's Candy. It looks interesting. :D

There's this one thing though, I might have missed it somewhere over the other chapters (or not) but what happened to Jihl?
12/30/2012 c56 3Fang Bytes
That was really good! But it made me depressed. I had really hoped that would have turned out just a little better...I mean wow. What a rough ride that was...
12/30/2012 c36 6Bellatrix28
Overall, I've really enjoyed this story - only some minor annoyances here and there.

At first I was really haven't trouble figuring out Serah's age in the beginning chapters. In the beginning I was thinking maybe she was 12-14 years old... then maybe 16. But then you said she'd been going to "university" so that must mean at least 17 or 18. In the first chapters w/ her and Fang she really seems a lot more childish - I couldn't see any 18 year old being like that (unless they had some sort of mental handicap).

And the Dr's little speech about eggs seems totally off - unless there's been new studies about eggs and menstruation since I've taken my health/genetics/biology classes. Unless that is part of the AU... in which case you should perhaps make that more noticeable.

I really like the AU you've created though. It's interesting and, for the most part, I can picture it in my head.
12/30/2012 c56 16rabastan04
gah! I can't believe this is the ending! I thought it would be fang/lightning forever even after all that! (maybe especially because of all that happened! Arghhh!

anyway, it's realistic though, so I can't argue about that. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this story. it's been a hell of a ride but very enjoyable anyway.

happy new year!
12/30/2012 c56 Anon
Disappointed there's no flight babies after all. :(
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