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2/9/2013 c47 BoundKiller
Man... This is like Brokeback Mountain and The Machinist put together
2/9/2013 c39 BoundKiller
Somewhere I feel like since hawk dealt with Jihl before she can somehow fix this. Somehow
2/8/2013 c58 toastbox
"A gorgonpsid crudely snapped at his fellow's neck until it bled." Just as it was about to dig in, it suddenly became aware of the gaze of a foreign presence. Definitely a threat! Before Jihl could even blink, the gorgonpsid launched itself towards her and snapped at HER neck, ending Jihl's life and saving the unborn babes from a cruel fate. Ah, karma.

Oh wait! That's not how the rest of the story went... Sigh... bummer. *cries in a corner*
2/7/2013 c24 BoundKiller
So is she really pregnant now? Cause I swear there are so many 'real' books that pull that no condom and still orgasm inside but they never get pregnant
2/6/2013 c57 Guest
man a hell of a story wow but in my opinion u should make lightning come back to grand pulse where fand ang and lightning have a moment where lighning cant refuse fang and they get together for the niight or forever thing and jihl would rot in hell lol
2/6/2013 c15 BoundKiller
Light really likes punching people
2/6/2013 c11 BoundKiller
I'm starting to see what this is. It's like those stories that can end in one sec if they ever get it out but it ain't gonna happen TIL the end
2/5/2013 c57 Guest
Aw Summer should really be the one with Fang while lighting and her r friends
1/26/2013 c58 Guest
Hope Fang and Lighting REALLY HAVE KIDS. Aww get back together and looks like some sort of custody fight is comming SEQUAL PLS!
1/25/2013 c58 8Skylar Datenshi
Holy shoot! She's preggo with Fang's Kid(s)!

Lightning, Fang! Get back together! *whines*
1/22/2013 c52 Ria
So looking forward to your sequel! we gotta find out what will happen! I loved the ending but I am waiting for more... I hope Rygdea comes back ;)
1/16/2013 c1 Guest
Waiting for the sequal is like waiting for the next ff13 game. Soo much to go into like everyone has said, serah and hawk-will they mate or go to 2nd base? Will sky and her mate finally have a child, what bout Fang and Lighting along with Summer? And yes thos babbies that Jilhil has..I cannot wait and read the story over at least 10 times. Guess ur other stories will hold us off until u r ready. But out of all of them I am REALLY engolfed in this one, and by far the best fanfic I have read yet with Fang and Light along with "Not over you" and its prequal[also miss :(] We are all waiting for that sequal! Ur soo gud
1/15/2013 c1 Autonomous Prick
Doe! There has to be a bloody sequel, it makes no sense. Light/Claire and Fang still have their romantic conflicts to resolve, the epilogue clearly sets up a sequel, Jihl's still on the loose, Summer cannot be trusted, Serah's livin on Gran Pulse, Hawke and all
1/15/2013 c1 Anonymous Prime
Oh my, a sequel cannot die
1/15/2013 c1 The One
Please, a sequel must be here soon, there are still too many lingering questions that need to be resolved, answered.
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