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for Fury of the Uzumaki

3/5/2021 c2 MaskedSharingan
great story. loved it
2/17/2020 c1 thegrison
Next time space out the ages better. 2 years younger means Kushina got over both her husband and Narutos death with 1 year 2 months during the time got in another relationship and had sex enough times to get pregnant. Sorry but that just does not work. Most take at least 2-3 years before dating again and another year to be willing to have another baby. So if Naruto is 16 make his closest younger brother/sister 12. I hate it when stories forget that it takes most people a few years to really try again.
1/18/2019 c1 Guest
11/15/2018 c2 Lord Redshocker
please update this is ready good!
3/8/2018 c1 4Ancient Sith Tulak Hord
I like where this is going

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