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for Whole again Remus

3/7/2017 c2 4TheAtlantisGirl
Out of curiosity, did you know you have Setene asking the exact same question three times in a row? It's rather annoying unfortunately. She asks, "Black! Shouldn't you be... I don't know, in hiding, somewhere?" I love this story and the others. Things like that though bother me when I read.
11/7/2016 c18 2riverrat1
Another great story. Poor Remus. I had to feel sorry for him the way he was treated by Serene. Leading him on and then leaving him. I was ready to slap her around and tell her to make up her mind.
Somebody really has to take out Ben Olsen. Hopefully he'll get what he deserves in your Epilogue. Looking forward to read that next.
I also want to thank you for finishing your story. It is driving me nuts if people start a beautiful story and then just drop it. So, thank you!
3/2/2014 c18 VisforVixen
LOVEEEEEEED your story. Hope you write more!
12/15/2013 c1 Guest
This looks good! :D
7/19/2013 c18 Susan
Best i've read so far.. Definitely one of my new Favorites. :-)
Thanks (-:
11/9/2009 c18 2ebdarcy.qt4good
Amazing work once again!

Two things though:

1) I noticed in all four of your stories, you write "stirred" or "stir" instead of what I think you mean "steered" and "steer". To stir something would be to take a spoon and move it in circles in a teacup. To steer something would be to take the wheel of a car and move it in a different direction. see dictionary . com for precise meanings.

2) You foreshadowed some Jonah & Rose love... Maybe you can write a story of them at Hogwarts and finding each other? Starting from when Rose first gets there (Jonah's older though) or from any point you like. It would be an awesome read!
12/8/2008 c3 23Rori Potter
That was good. I like those.
8/6/2008 c18 47Jac Danvers
This series is one of the best I've ever read. You're characters are unique, believable, and most importantly, develop through the story. Claire, Laurel, and Serene are amazing, and you should be incredibly proud of these wonderful stories.
2/12/2008 c1 2Lysden
I just really like this history... all the three actually, but this one is my favorite^^
12/28/2007 c18 My Octopi's Garden
I would like to say that this was a very interseting experience.I enjoyed it very much and although I'ld rather not admit it,it made me cry quite a few times.In my opion it was very good.
9/2/2007 c1 insensitivewart
YAY What a wonderful story! I will read and review! :D
2/24/2007 c18 4PeppermintAndCinnamon
I really loved this story of yours. It was very well written and full of detail. Great work!
12/7/2006 c18 53whitereflections12
This is so beautiful, and so much like Remus...the whole story. I love wolves, and the idea of the kind of love werewolves have, eternal and constant. A wonderful love story.
2/8/2006 c18 3DragonMaiden
Wow, what a beautiful ending! You are such a fantastic writer, and your English is pretty much perfect! Amazing, amazing job.

*skips off to read Epilogue*
7/12/2005 c14 4SkyPad
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