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for Promises of a Wandering Hero

8/13 c29 Adum
Great chapter I really like How the meeting went down I just want to know How the elders Are gonna handle things going forward I can't wait as for The Relationships I personally feel That the End ending Statement was not Necessary Personally Commons like that Should be Ignore ignored People Who Read your story Can see Relationship Between shira and the others Does a bit more complicated than just an open relation relation relationship I feel You did not need To justify Your writing style It just As fuel to the fire And makes people Annoyed You should just focus On riding The best story that YOU Think is best And what can entertain the most people At least that's my opinion.
8/14 c25 gabedane
Do these people have even the slightest damn clue of the Moonlit World? Because if they did they wouldn't touch anyone named Emiya with a 10 meter pole.
8/14 c20 gabedane
Somewhere, someway. Archer EMIYA and Gilgamesh are laughing hysterically.
8/9 c29 JumpingToaster
Some people said Rin was committing NTR? Really? That's not the case obviously.

Yeah, personally I don't think Rin is the type to sleep around with people casually unless there is some kind of deeper relationship or commitment for both personal and cold calculated reasons. Especially as the currently lone member of a major magus family (I think?). But who is to say that's the case in this fic?
8/6 c29 Mythos07
Thankfully i never gave a fuck about this fic lmao
8/1 c29 Dissapointed
Words cannot express my dissapointment that Shirou did not in fact shoot those warning shots himself... Just kidding, this was a great chapter and I look forward to reading more, though I do want to know what exactly Shirou shot Kyoko with, was it just a regular sword turned arrow, or something else?
7/26 c29 shirouemi
hahaha good that one, outside of shirou the only one who falls in love with rin tohsaka would be archer, who is another shirou, rin is not stupid she knows that shirou / shirou are the best
7/26 c29 shirouemi
It may sound sexist, but it is a fact that a harem works as long as no one is forced and the harems of a man with several women are better than those of a woman with several men. however, the boy has to win over the girls in a good way. As humans, polygamy and monogamy work well, as long as you respect each other and shirou is loyal to his harem and rin too, they rarely grab anything because they always return to their herd. Pd:a Harem (here there is love) and an open relationship are different things.
7/26 c29 shirouemi
in fact rider is completely loyal to shirou, outside of him he only messes with other girls for fun because he considers, less other men, except shirou if he loves him and rin rarely does it because he also loves shirou and he will always win , her harem is functional and sakura is beautiful and loyal too. shirou has won all the girls that is key in a big or small harem.
7/25 c29 Guest
Cucks like you really love finding new ways to justify their fetish. Don't bother, you're pathetic anyways. Go back to discord or even better, delete your account you shitty pretentious cuck.
7/25 c29 2Xerzo LotCN
yes but actually no
you made the relationship an open relationship to allow just that to happen lol
That is the truth why people are upset not fully your argument defending your decision
Canon i guess as close it could be with fate series the women shirou is with love him and no one else sometimes love each other as well cause yuri i guess

The way you set it up and describe it make your argument valid
but because how you set it up compared to how it normal would be that is why it is invalid cause that isnt how it actually is and why people get upset
You made the problem and solution to defend it

That is why open relationship dont actually work long term irl same with harems outside of true sole bi groups but for how long who knows
it truthfully only works in fiction when made to work not realistically

but readers normally dont want true open relationship where the girls sleep around partially for your double standard but more because they want harem or poly sole male multiple females even more in a fanfic of a series
Especially one of these two series crossed over both are or can be considered harem series so taking a waifu with another guy is a bitter pill

Sure its is a double standard and as crude as it is
the whole good key and bad lock analogy
Also long term with pregnancy
who is the dad can all the guys that want to actually get a kid before the girls health is to bad (that why reverse harems dont work)
no one want to raise a kid that isnt theirs born to who they are with after they got with them (unless doormat) sure it is different with single mothers
as well as favorites will form some are better at some stuff or more willing for others
You cant have your cake and eat it too

You even describe it with rider she goes after guys like shirou when she cant have shirou
Although with how you described the astral form she could always have shirou you just make her not
As well as you made shirou a good key rin a bad lock and sakura the only girl loyal to just shirou because how damaged she is cause her adopted family and father

Your situation It is a tad like when author make a random guy or an actual oc or si or bring a crossover character sidemale to get with a waifu or waifus before the relationship with the mc starts officially or when the author starts it
Thus saying it isnt ntr cause it was before the relationship or after they artificial ended it it wasn't during
When its ntr because that isnt how it actually is canon

This all might upset you but you should not have made the rant at the end
Especially after such a nice chapter really ruined it lol

Im not taking a shot at you im explaining the other half of what you said
7/23 c29 KinZer0
I just assume Rin is bisexual practicing OPP for magic reasons. I thought everyone was.
7/20 c29 Mol
I dont know if you struggled with this chapter, or if it came naturally to you. As a reader, I can only speak for the result, and the result was AMAZING! A well written episode, and one that felt really satisfying to sail through. Not only for the conflicts resolution (insert Know your fucking place, trash! meme here ) but also that even with all the different factors and PoVs taking place, it still feels a very uncluttered, flowing read.
Finally, the scene at the end, bringing me from the high of Shirou being a total badass to underline that this is still the guy who will carry everyones burden no matter the hurt. In other words, usual Emiya (read in Rins exasperated tone)
All in all, a very well-written Shirou. Thank you.
7/21 c29 NBased
Are you actually surprised or just irritated? I personally don't care, but you should keep in mind that you've written a male power fantasy, whether by accident or not. To a lesser extent, there is also the differences in sexuality between men and women, but personally I'd go with the former being the primary reason. Either way, I'm enjoying the story and wish you the best.
7/20 c1 GAchaRage
Oh, one more thing. I'm gonna unfollow this story since I'm not gonna trap myself in case you upload the rest of NTR or open relationship you fond of in this fanfiction. I'm gonna married and commit to one person, so I seriously despised your so called open relationship. And you have the audacity to add romance genre in this novel tag? If open relationship can be defined as romance then I truly despaired for this world.

It's a pity though, I already follow this story for several years. But whatever, there are still many better fanfiction that I follow. Good luck to you and your open relationship. I sure hope you don't whine if your lover or wife in real life also have open relationship, pfft.
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