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for Groundhog Day: Operation Puckleberry

2/3/2012 c1 pucca
ahhh this was one of the bestest puckleberry fics ever! so hilarious and adorable
2/3/2012 c1 9LindsaylovesPacey
Omg! This was the longest effing one-shot I've ever read! I officially hate Bye Bye Bye...lmao! But I LOVED this fic! Especially the Dawson's Creek ref : )
2/3/2012 c1 51SergeantPixie
Oh wow, I love this! it's brilliant! it's funny, and endearing and I think it's adorable that Rachel wanted to marry Quinn because she was pretty so therefore their children would be talented and pretty, it's just so Rachel! Great job, I love the ending!
2/3/2012 c1 18excuse.my.muse
I loved this, and it was made even better by the fact that I started it on Feb 2nd, but didn't finish it until Feb 3rd. Happy day after groundhogs day!
2/3/2012 c1 51lizzybennettdarcy
Incredible. I've read a few groundhog day puckleberries and I love them. It was so funny and insightful.

"Bi-monthly meetings at Brittany's place," Blaine whispered. "Her mom makes rice krispie treats for us."

"And we usually have a song," Mike nodded.

"Reinactments twice a year," Tina shrugged.

Pure. Gold. I laughed so much and may or may not have cried once. Great writing and a truly incredibly story. Seriously. Thanks!
2/2/2012 c1 swaanprincess
This was amazing and so fun to read! Thank you for writing this! Seriously Glee has been so crappy and just plain horrible and this story among many others just made me happy. You are so talented and I can't wait to read any other story you come up with.
2/2/2012 c1 LoVe.addict08
Oh my god i love this so much! It's hilarious and fluffy! Two things i love the most! And the beauty and the beast scene was so beautiful i can really picture it in my mind! Thanks for posting this it really healed my broken heart (it broke during the michael ep)

Thanks again and i hope you update your other stories soon.
2/2/2012 c1 576Tarafina
This was FANTASTIC! Although, there's really no surprise seeing as you're one of my favorite writers, especially because all of your stories are always so much FUN! I loved the CPR and how excitable Kurt was, and the slapping of Finn, and even rage-black-out Puck, because there's something very protective that comes out in him and it's nice to see it's not all just about anger and vengeance, but at keeping those he cares about safe. In any case, loved this! Going on my favorites!
2/2/2012 c1 3weasleymadchen
Dear Caylee,

I love you and everything you choose to be.

For real.

This has blown my mind and I think I found my favorite Puckleberry fic. I can't explain the EPICNESS of this one-shot.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I'm fucking amazed by you and your ability to mash up all our head-canons and pop culture references with the magic that is Puckleberry.

Now, I shall sleep or something but Caylee.. THANK YOU.

Yours, Anna (your friend from Narnia) ;)
2/2/2012 c1 SuzQQ
Loved this! Humorous and sweet! Loved the Puckleberry! So glad that Rachel and Noah ended up together and not Finchel, Faberry or anyone else involved! I have a feeling that Brittany was wrong about age 23, though-I can't imagine that Puck or Rachel would ever want to share their partner with anyone else even after drinking sangrias. I sure wouldn't be sharing Puck with anyone ever if I was with him. So glad that Noah figured everything out and was able to make grow from the experience and Rachel reciprocated his feelings. Looking forward to more Puckleberry from you! You write them so well. I love your stories-can I say that you would like to see less of Finn and Quinn in them, though? I really enjoy reading Puckleberry and their romance-not much of a fan with Finn, Quinn or anyone else being a part of the epic Puckleberry relationship/connection, though. Maybe Finn and Quinn can be kidnapped on their own and Puckleberry can actually have some alone time together. That's not to be a criticism as much as Rachel and Noah need their alone time, too (plus Quinn and Finn are not my favorite characters,either). Please write more soon. Thanks!
2/2/2012 c1 bahnannah
you do know that me and nitefang have a mutual squee fest whenever you post, right? seriously, we giggle like little girls and pray that you update again since you're so awesome.

i think the funniest line was a tie between jewish keebler elf's panties and chitty chitty chang bang and the ensuing explanation. you rock!
2/2/2012 c1 gl
So glad you're back. They're aren't nearly as many good puckleberry fics anymore. =(
2/2/2012 c1 1Lady Acacia
I enjoyed this quite a bit. Puck's characterization was great. The ATM stealing and gratuitous suicide attempts were amusing in only the best/darkest way possible.

My absolute favorite thing though was finding out I am not the only one who totally thinks Blaine was in Fight Club with Puck. Ever since he was beating that punching bag and the thought occured it has pretty much become part of my head-canon.

Thank you.
2/2/2012 c1 7Sparkle Girl
This is awesome. I haven't laughed so hard at a fic in a long time, I finally made my way through and my stomach is still aching from all the laughing I was doing. Caylee is awesomesauce and so are her stories. I just loved everything about it! Keep up the good work.

(P.S its Alison here. :D)
2/2/2012 c1 vamp1987
This was so cute! I love how the day that got him out of the loop was the one where he was himself and just spent his day with Rachel, no pretense, no show, no extranaganza. Thanks for sharing the fun and fluff.
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