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for The Gilmore Girls meet The Evans Family

1/3/2016 c4 1WeirdGirl369
Hope this story continues.
1/10/2014 c4 mattcun
plz write more
11/11/2012 c4 latdh1
i like this more please and longer if you can
11/10/2012 c4 7Moon's Lullaby
love it! there aren't nearly enough crossovers for this! thank you for putting this out!
10/23/2012 c4 BengalDarknessTiger
Finally you have updated 't wait for the new one.
5/11/2012 c3 autumnannette19
Whats next, whats next?
4/24/2012 c3 latdh1
i cant wait for more chapters i hope the chapters are longer
2/22/2012 c1 MissLorettaC
right is this creepy or what?

my real name's ciara, i have a cat whose name i use for some pen names, i was thinking about writing a Harry/Jess srory, there is no pairing i support more than Remus/Sirius, rory would NOT have slept with Dean, i didnt like the wole Luke-April thing and I always thought Luke and Loralai should have been together sooner (but maybe not at the start coz that kinda takes away from the story a bit), ive never liked cho, ginny or hermione and tom wouldve been soooo much cooler with red eyes... i think youve just gained a fan for life with your summary alone. the story's good so far too :p
2/9/2012 c2 23Rori Potter
That was brilliant. Update soon.
2/9/2012 c2 2auerlia
Love it plz update soon
2/4/2012 c1 23Rori Potter
That was brilliant. Update soon.
2/3/2012 c1 Aj winchester
Love it plz update soon.
2/3/2012 c1 BengalDarknessTiger
It is getting interesting so far cant wait for the update, could you tell me who is the dom and sub in the paring just to be on the right track.About the pokemon that is a tricky question:










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