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4/27 c5 Guest
Why the hell did jacen basically beat anakin?
9/19/2014 c5 searge
As much as I loved the story and way you mixed characters into scenarios particularly fitting for this, I have to say the good side of the Star Trek galaxy characters got the shaft pretty hard - namely Picard being old and weak and Crusher having bad marksmanship. After their many years of service and living, age is understandable,, but even with this in the movies they still fight excellent. The Insurrection movie highlights this, with the exodus Picard leads going on for at least a day or two and hard fights he and Beverly endure while being chased by air vehicles and drones, dealing with cave ins, Son'a troops and eventually the Son'a flagship itself for Picard. The transition to him suddenly being Borg offscreen doesn't addup either.

These nitpicks aside, the rest of the fic's great and enjoyable, well done there.
11/28/2013 c1 8Kyas Nonsense
Decent enough story. Hard to follow in places, but since I knew all the fandoms, save for the Zelda games, I could easily picture the characters. My only problem is Katniss seems rather weak and making very poor decisions for someone who has experienced two Hunger Games and a war in which she was the figure head. Killing Gale would, of course, send her into a tailspin of despair, however she never allowed it to effect her until she had a chance and was safe enough to allow herself to grieve - heck it took her how long before she allowed herself to grieve over Prim's death, which she watched - and she and Gale had grown apart at this point anyway because she blamed him for Prim's death.

Eriana becoming the host for Osiris didn't surprise me much. I figured, the moment she went after her, that it was going to happen. Osiris wouldn't take the risk of dying with her host.

I have to say I was surprised at how weak and vulnerable you made Picard, though. Normally he takes point because that's what he is trained to do and he wouldn't sit back and let everyone else do the planning. I was disappointed in that.

But, all in all, it was still a decent, if fast-paced story. Good job :)
7/28/2013 c1 praeceps29
if it wasnt so many fandom it might have been worth reading
9/28/2012 c1 Sjin
You mother trucker where's peeta!$)!
8/8/2012 c5 PeriAce
Just read your story, I thought that it was amazing, although slightly sad. I wasn't too sure if it would all go together very well, however, I was pleased to find out it did. I will be looking on your profile for any more of your stories, because this one was so good, well done,
'Ponine Leia
6/8/2012 c1 2Bloxoe12
This is an awesome story! good job!
6/6/2012 c1 11Danvader64
5/28/2012 c5 1JediDragonRanger
Okay, now that I finally have a chance to review,

Ch 4:

My thoughts here are first off it just seemed like everyone was killed off too quickly, like it was cannon boom after boom after boom.

I had a little problem with the Jacen/Anakin fight. It just seems to me that at the point where Anakin is still on the teetering edge of the 'dark side'(if I'm reading this right he comes out of the SW universe sometime after helping Palps escape Windu but before Padme/Obi-Wan get to Mustafar). At this point in Anakin's journey it seems to me that meeting not his child but his grandchild would jerk him off of his current path. At this point in the SW universe Anakin is desperately grabbing at anything that could save his wife and unborn child and here all of a sudden a person who is related to him appears and claims to be his grandson, Anakin would be able to sense the truth in Jacen. So b/c Jacen is telling the truth, he would reason that Padme had survived and I feel that he would abandon his dark path. Also since Anakin really wants a family at this point in time I don't think that he would blindly attack someone who he could feel is related to him, maybe latter on when he is Vader with the suit but not now.

Okay now I'm lost, what the heck happened to Eriana? I'm assuming that it has something to do with the Star Trek Universe so could you please explain it to me?

Ch 5

It's just my opinion but I think that the Master Sword would be able to withstand the force that Ataru would act upon it since it is magical and can take Ganondorf's power packed slashes without even being nicked, but I can see why you used that reasoning to force Jacen to keep on using the Master Sword.

I like how you had Jacen absorb Ganondorf's magical attack and throw it back at him. I can only imagine Ganondorf's shock to see Jacen not only mimic him by catching the energy in his hand but also multiplying the number of magic balls before throwing it back at him. Ah, now Jacen gets to experience the same sense of frustration that all LoZ players fell when we think we have finally killed the boss but it turns out that there's more.

Is the beast form of Ganondorf from Twilight Princess or another of the games?

I should have seen that coming, Katniss killing herself but I didn't.

So judging by the last section (when Jacen is back where he belongs) all this happened before the Sith Medallion came off him, right?

So I was partially right in that once they 'died' in the Hunger Wars, they were sent back to their own galaxy perfectly alive, but Jacen kept his memories.

I'm assuming that the events here will have no effect on the the continuation of your "From the Ashes" story, that this was just another alt. timeline.

Overall I thought this was pretty good, although I will say that I enjoyed your "From the Ashes" trilogy a lot more...I think that the reason why is b/c "From the Ashes" was completely SW and nothing else.

Can't wait for your next story,

5/25/2012 c5 Sabelinx
Hi, JC! I greatly enjoyed this chapter! The fight between Jacen and Vader was surely the most interesting point, but what has happened to Eriana, I mean... why did she turned evil? She was my favorite character so... was someone controlling her, or what? I also felt sorry for Harry.But in return, I liked Mara very much. Hope she stays within the alliance.

Okay, I'm so tired right now, just got home from school so I'll review the next chapter tomorrow. Got your message, it was a nice surprise for me to find out that it's complete. Can't wait to read how it ends.
5/24/2012 c5 2SiouxFan
Wow, this is not how I expected this to end. I assumed that it would be at least two more chapters of fighting to wrap this up. I figured that you'd have a couple more chapters and let Jacen and Mara bond a little more, or maybe Jacen and Katniss would become closer. Not romantically perhaps, but closer nonetheless.

Anyway, I enjoyed the way you wrote Katniss. I haven't read 'The Hunger Games', and I only just saw the movie last weekend, but she seems to be an interesting character. I plan on buying the book next time I go to B&N.com

Until next time,

5/22/2012 c5 LightningGemini
5/20/2012 c4 ironic-hat
Thanks for updating! I finally got around to reading the Hunger Games series in between your last updates (and because who actually studies during finals...)

Looking forward to seeing where this story ends up. You sure wiped out a lot of people this chapter :D
5/18/2012 c4 SiouxFan
Whoa, I totally didn't see that coming! I can't believe you bumped off Eriana! In your other stories, she is marginally the better swordsman, so I expected her to have a go at Vader. Although, looking back at her battle with Osiris, I guess that it did look too easy. Sneaky Egyptian gods.

Mara's pragmatic side is one that got overlooked by everyone except Zahn, and I like that you incorporated that side of her personality.

'It's always temporary, isn't it'-Katniss and Jacen have both seen too much pain for being so young.

I look forward to your next chapter! Later!
5/13/2012 c4 22Laveycee
"Some pointy-eared guy"? Sounds like it's either a Vulcan or a Romulan...
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