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2/10 c1 15MarieLewis
Every single one of your Hunger Games fix’s are so incredibly visceral, so real, so perfect. Ugh I can’t. You’re incredible.
5/29/2021 c1 Naveen0
you can’t just leave it like that! Did Katniss survive? Did the baby live?

There are so many questions and the worst part is that I feel like you’re teasing us with answers within the chapter itself. But I can’t find them!

my heart keeps breaking for Peeta. I know we’ve been with Katniss in this journey, but that last few paragraphs. he sounded so desperate and helpless. He kept begging her to hold on and she just couldn’t. But maybe she did because she did say her heart belonged to him and if he wanted it to keep beating, it would. So maybe? And then, when Peeta said Finnick was dying to see her, that he couldn’t sleep since he was rescued. There’s so much story behind that little dialogue. that’s why I’m sure that the answers are all there. please please please. Tell me they were happy and ok after that.

Such a good story, it’s the perfect what if that I’ve been looking for, and with a baby story to boost. but my heart can’t take it. :’(
5/27/2021 c1 10RandomFandomBoi
1/27/2021 c1 2Jayla Fire Gal
I didn't realize this was angst (until it was too late). No hurt/comfort in sight, only hurt. You have me crying congrats. Ugh and it's so well written. Lemme just save this to my list of fics to read when I wanna feel depressed.
5/14/2020 c1 Eloa02
This is so freaking amazing! I love it so much! This is just the one I've been looking for! The best "Pregnant-Katniss-during-Quarter-quell" and the best "What-if-its-Katniss-the-Capitol-took" story! I don't if what I just wrote make sense but I hope you get my point. It's just that I love your stories so much! You're a freaking talented writer. Thank you for creating this >w<
4/29/2020 c1 Guest
Holy shiiiitttttt, so dark so broody I love it! Amazing work and omg the constant dread and horror was palpable! Thank you so much!
4/15/2020 c1 2lockmyhart

i know a cliffhanger was the aim, but pretty please - can we get a healing epilogue? seriously could be one sentence 'they lived happily ever after' i think my heart needs this.

amazingly well-written, per usual. 3
3/18/2020 c1 8Loti-miko
You just want to destroy me, don’t you?! Break my heart into little tiny pieces till I have nothing left.

8/18/2019 c1 Bookslover19
an incredible flow of words. thank you for sharing. this was so heartbreaking to read
3/3/2019 c1 1JstDani
Well that was intense..!

I didn’t find Katniss out of character at all. The plot flowed beautifully. A very enjoyable read!
12/10/2018 c1 hawa.kania
5/30/2018 c1 Guest
I’ve read this several times now and I can’t get enough. I love the way you go back and forth between present and flashbacks. It ties together so beautifully at the end. I know it’s been years, but I still have my fingers crossed that you’ll write a second chapter and give us some closure. There are just so many unsanswered questions! Does she live? Does the baby live? How did they rescue Finnick? What did the rebellion look like with Peeta as the face? (I’d love to see this from Peeta’s POV.) Where do they go from here?

I might be obsessed. Thank you for sharing!
4/14/2018 c1 8Emmi88
This was amazing, and I truly hope that you one day circle back around and continue this story!
3/21/2018 c1 LoveJulianaRose
This story is absolutely beautiful! I sincerely hope you either create a sequel, or just continue writing Peeta and Katniss fiction. I really want to know if Katniss actually died or if she just fell asleep. I’m also wondering why you never posted any of your Hunger Games stories on AO3. I love your writing - from The 100 to The Hunger Games to Stranger Things! I am praying that you continue to write because you are positively amazing!
2/25/2018 c1 Guest
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