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4/30/2013 c21 dannymxyz
You have to make a movie of Scootaloo driving with Dragonforce playing in the background, and by background I mean on the radio.
4/30/2013 c21 NoLongerYse12732
Was that a RvB reference near the end of this chapter!?
4/30/2013 c21 OnlineImhotep
This is boring to me now... not sure why...
4/30/2013 c21 2Wing Zero 032
...Wow, Scootaloo got her cutie mark, but at what cost, many ponies died so they could get a chance to escape... I must guess this will be considered a piryc victory for her, now that the three of them have seen first hoof what war and death is, now they really should really hed true and pay attention to any and all warnings the adult ponies will give them, because they should know by now that this is not a game... I guess they will need psychological help for their reciently developed PTSD

The you really did Pokey Pirce a crowning momment of Awesome with his last stand... Rest in peace soldier, your battle is over

... Let's just hope The Doctor regenerates ASAP, Equestria won't be the same without him.

And also I really hope Rainbow is ok and just her radio got trashed.

Great job, I do really hope to see the next chapter soon

PS. Great job with Scootaloo's cutie mark being the Road Rage medal, she should have scored tons of roadkills in a single go to get it inmediatly, props for almost turning Scootaloo into some kind of Ghost Rider (or more likely Ghost Driver) in the Warthog
4/30/2013 c21 4Major Simi
Well that was a great ride, good battle scene, well dine
4/30/2013 c21 19Hokuto Ulrik
I still say it looks like a puma. Gotta love the RvB reference. I was laughing so hard that I was tearing up.
4/30/2013 c21 1Dracarot
"D'ya think all a' that fancy magic she was doin' on tha Chupamathingy mighta had somethin' ta do with it?" Applebloom asked while cautiously poking her comatose friend. Scootaloo groaned and shifted slightly, but nothing more.

Don't make me get Sarge involved! FOR THE GLORY OF RED COMMAND!

Combat scene was good, I have no complaints about it. Well other than your choices for who got to die, but I have a feeling that if I actually bothered to complain about that I'm going to be sorely disappointed, the Covenant is not going to give me the luxury of worrying which ponies live or die.
3/31/2013 c3 5Champ11
"Corp." is not a rank. Corporal's shorthand is "CPL", the USMC rank of Lance Corporal's shorthand is "LCPL".
3/15/2013 c20 JackFrost21
I do question the whole I'm super Old thing Nightmare did. The forerunners are by that time (even though they are dead) over 100,000 years old. How far back is your head canon on Nightmare going?
3/15/2013 c20 1Dracarot
A well thought fic, though a question emerges... As it is only 2552, and Reach is still standing, any hopes of seeing Spartans 117, 052, A-259, A-239, A-266, B-312, and B-320? And what of Thel 'Vadam?
3/15/2013 c20 1Mare's Best Friend
Loving the story. Seems like the UNSC are gonna show up at some point in larger numbers though. I mean, look at what Celestia did on her own. They're not going to risk ever letting that kind of power against the Covenant fall.
3/15/2013 c20 3Some Moron
Too wordy? Nah! Halo with ponies could never have too many words.

Don't know what else to say... but stuff's about to go down, and I can't wait to read it.
3/15/2013 c20 2Wing Zero 032
Well, considering that Celestia corrected the huge strategical mistake of keeping the elements in the castle and let the bearers keep them, I guess that covenant tactical map must be working on heavily outdated information asuming that the place marked as the elements is still the the Alicon Sisters castle in the everfree forest, and not Canterlot, with Ponyville marking the bearers

Great job and I guess the battle will escalate quickly right about the next chapter, I must asume that the CMC will soon realice the gravity of the situation as soon as a plasma granade exploides close enough nearby and get stuck in the middle of the crossfire
3/15/2013 c20 4Major Simi
Well looks like the ground fight has begone, well great chapter also it is interesting and good how you also show the covies pov
3/15/2013 c20 6Strayan Phoenix
ARGH! Why did you have to stop there?! D:
Just as it's getting to the good bits, too!
NEED MOAR! The suspense in killing me!
Don't take too long with the next chapter, will you?
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