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for My Little Halo: Harmony Evolved

2/12/2013 c19 Guest
Awesome story! Keep on keeping on! Just a suggestion? Could you give applejack a spartan laser? Because that would be awesome.
2/5/2013 c11 Guest
So fades the great harvest of my betrayer ,even these beasts recognize what you were oblivious to human ,your nobility has blinded you as ever. – The Didact
1/30/2013 c19 Guest
Ah, another update, awesome. Also, you said you didnt think they had enough culture for a space-faring species... i coulda sworn the brutes nuked themselves back into rhe induatrial era several times. Maybe im confusing them with krogans, though. Too many savage space races out to kill everyone.
1/30/2013 c19 2LtSolarFlare
i see what you did there with the harbenger easter egg nice one
1/30/2013 c19 4Alexander Raphel
Mr. Howitzer, you have done it aggain! I am amazed by yyour amazing work, and look forward to more.
I also noticed a little Salvatore reference in there. Icingdeath. Name of the white dragon Drizzt and Wulfgar killed, and of Drizzt's first magical scimitar.
Overall, epic work!
1/29/2013 c19 4Major Simi
Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war, great chapter,well done
1/29/2013 c19 OnlineImhotep
Ha, 'Assuming Direct Control.'
The Windigo's not a Reaper is it?
1/29/2013 c19 5Lord Curly
So the battle begins, great chapter. Nice to see some one else who knows Rise of Legends.
1/24/2013 c18 1Mare's Best Friend
Looks like Discord turning good really did happen in cannon, guess you can say it's somewhat a cononical event now. Anyway, still, good story, keep it up.
1/19/2013 c18 2LtSolarFlare
You sire are a genius please continue the awesome work
1/17/2013 c2 LtSolarFlare
So far I'm digging this story great job
1/12/2013 c18 1nased0
That's a very original and interesting fic.
I'm looking forward to read the for the battle chapter!
1/3/2013 c18 Mkoll
"Pinkie Pie, with her Windigo companion, was a branch all her own. Dubbed "the closest thing to an Equestrian Spartan since the Archons were disbanded five centuries ago," she was essentially allowed to do whatever she wanted to as long as it in some way helped to win the battle."

And this is different from the usual plan how?
12/26/2012 c17 ChronoMagus
This has to be the best MLP/Halo crossover I've ever read.

I honestly can't find the words to describe just awesome your story is.

Please update this soon. I need MOARRRR!
cool! I like the towel. just as a question though is this going to be a pony blood-bath? i mean i understand the covenant lust for destruction and humanities extermination etc. but i have read a few other stories where all the mane 6 get butchered and stuff. i hope this isn't that.
but I'm looking forward to the start of the battle. :)
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