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for My Little Halo: Harmony Evolved

12/27/2012 c18 OnlineImhotep
Ugh... damn CMC. They have NO IDEA the shit they're going to get into.
12/27/2012 c18 4Major Simi
well looks like Discord isn't as evil as some asumed, well as the old saing goes cry havoc and lets slip the dogs of war, well intersting that he is the original creator of their world, also the letter and well the end whit the CMC is interesting, but well keep going oh and a happy new year
11/27/2012 c17 4Alexander Raphel
I've been going through your fic a second time on my phone, and just noticed something that is bugging me a bit. When writing from the view of the Equestrians, you put the year as 2011. That is all well and good, making us think of how modern they are, but wouldn't the year for them actually be closer to 1001? It makes sense to me that the timeline would have reset itself with the defeat of King Sombra, and the banishing of Nightmare Moon to the moon. That's just my opinion, but I honestly think that it really fits and should be considered.

But on a side note, I really enjoy this fic. As I said, rereading it for the second time during my free time when I'm not writing myself, and I really enjoy it. What you did with the Sangheili and the Jiralhanae is good, and it's not surprising that the Unggoy didn't change at all as they are pretty much slaves in and of themselves. The Jiralhanae, that's very much fitting. But the Mgalekgolo, why give them photosynthesis?

Anyways! Really like the fic. Hope to see a lot more!
11/22/2012 c17 guest
I think that there was plenty of spell errors but my brian has auto spell check; I read it as the correct version unless it is a horrible spell error.
11/21/2012 c17 Guest
The Sanglatronis forms sound pretty intimidating! Also cool that you worked a bit of Season 3 into things!
11/21/2012 c17 4Major Simi
uh oh, well looks like some of the covies too got ponified while others stay similair, anyway great chapter, also that whit the King and his end is very interesting
11/21/2012 c17 OnlineImhotep
11/11/2012 c13 6bh18
Reading through this so far I have to ask, have you ever read the Destroyermen book series? It's remarkably similar to this, sans the transformation. Basically a ship from WWII stumbles into an alternate world, meets a race of peaceful creatures and prepares them for war with a genocidal species from the west.

Pretty much everything hear is working in parallel with the Destroyermen books, so much so I can't help but wonder.
11/10/2012 c16 4Major Simi
uh oh looks like Covies are on their way to Equestria while at least there won't be any allies for the Nightmare on the world she brought some along, wow really great chapter especial whit the deformed human, it looks like straight out of a very scarry horror movie
11/9/2012 c16 3Some Moron
That was an epic one... and I totally called the Slender reference before you named it. Pretty sure the "Elites outnumbered three-to-one" was a reference to a H3 cutscene too?

I can handle a wee bit of descriptive horror, don't worry about me. Been through Amnesia twice... gee, the world could use more MLPxAmnesia fics too.

It's also kinda cool that you gave the Diamond Dogs a past and a story.
11/2/2012 c15 6Strayan Phoenix
A very interesting and well-written story so far. Keep up the good work :)
10/31/2012 c15 Saxon
Fantastic and captivating story, please keep going
10/31/2012 c15 Guest
Curious about what your doing with the changleings(always liked 'em) and lyra.
As for luna explaining magic...

"Its magic, ain't gotta explain shit!"
10/30/2012 c15 Guest
You seem pretty focused on discussing the ponies natural abilities, but what about the human's natural abilities? Endurance, dexterity, and adaption are the advantages human's have beside intellegence. let's not forget the Covenant's alien's natural abilities too. Great fic! Make more please!
10/31/2012 c15 4Major Simi
he he he well looks like this ONI press presenation is one for the history books, anyway great entry of Luna whit the door, and well interesting thing whit Lyra, still keep going
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