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9/3/2016 c10 Guest
NO NO NO NO NOPE umbridge is evvvvviiil!
9/3/2016 c2 Guest
Awww :(
9/27/2012 c5 20toomuchchampagne
Oh my god, that was awesome. All your drabbles are great but this one killed me!
2/6/2012 c8 30BellaPur
So sad
2/6/2012 c7 BellaPur
2/6/2012 c5 BellaPur
2/6/2012 c4 BellaPur
Don't fuck with Bellatrix!
2/6/2012 c3 BellaPur
Pasy's such a bitch!
2/6/2012 c1 BellaPur
ahahahahahah! Genius!
2/5/2012 c10 300Inkfire
I really like the way you showed Dolores' new attitude towards Fudge - the way she avoids him now, as he doesn't hold any power at all anymore, and despises him. I also liked the way he warily addressed her again… The last line was really good! (Just a tiny typo though - it should have been "he can feel it too")
2/5/2012 c9 Inkfire
Oh dear, this was awesome! I loved Millicent's parts - it was like she was purposefully pushing to worry Goyle to death, as she MUST know that he's not ready at all - and his responses, gosh. "uhhh". Best response ever! XDDD and the first-year book thing made me die laughing, oh God. This was so brilliant. I loved it, just loved it ;)
2/5/2012 c8 Inkfire
I liked the way Narcissa shook Kreacher in this, that gesture, her actually TOUCHING the elf, seemed to convey her desperation more powerfully than words could… It was interesting that Narcissa had already sensed that if the Malfoys happened to let Voldemort down, Draco would be the next one to suffer… Quite insightful… And she was also painfully lucid towards Bellatrix as well. Great work!
2/5/2012 c7 Inkfire
Haha, I loved how excited Dobby sounded - like he still gets worked up and madly gleeful when he tells this story, after all this time! Kreacher's answer was typical and made me laugh, and I liked the way he started thinking afterwards and asked how Dobby had gotten the sock… =)
2/5/2012 c6 Inkfire
Haha, so Fleur went out with Roger to see if she could learn something? Nasty, but fitting - and I loved her bitchy comment about height ;) I also liked Olympe's thoughts about Hagrid… They were sweet… There was quite some distance in the way they were evoked, and yet they seemed to mean much more than what they actually said… I really liked this =)
2/5/2012 c5 Inkfire
Oh lol. This was just amazing! I LOVED Dumbledore arranging his beard to tan the right way, and the little girl mistaking him for Santa was so CUTE. I also loved the little girl's wish, and the comparison to Petunia… This was just adorable! I love your drabbles so much. Great job!
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