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8/3/2012 c16 perfectlyODD
YES! You're back!
Yeah, I didn't review earlier because I got dragged off to a campsite without wi-fi fit a few days. (I thought I died.)
Poor Ellis... The only sober one.
I think Damo would have got drunk even if Cam wasn't there (in the UK you have to be 18 to drink).
Why is Mathellis so cute? It makes me wish that Ellis and Matheus had stayed for Sexuality week just because there is a chance they'd be paired together.
8/1/2012 c16 7TealCrystalCAT
Is it bad that I was legitamately upset by the lack of Camtheus? Probably. But, this is perfect, as usual. I love how many ships you got in, the little thing about Unique, and your Mathellis is cute as ever. Good job.
7/30/2012 c16 4Raven-of-the-forests
It had to be said... And that chapter was effing fantasic. Brilliant. Amazing pairings and really well written, although the ending was really sudden.
7/6/2012 c12 Raven-of-the-forests
Best song ever. The entire musical is- so anyways...
ADORABLE. The Mathellis paragraph was perfect in EVERY WAY.
Oh and Dameron are living together... During college... Probably getting drunk... And then... ;) I can find Dameron in anything.

The rest of the story is fantabulus too. (Please ignore my horrid spelling)
4/5/2012 c15 perfectlyODD

I missed reading your stories! :D
4/4/2012 c15 7TealCrystalCAT
Yay! You're back! I kinda love BryKynleigh (though I do prefer Bremily) and Mathellis and I love this song, you should definately do more of this :D.
4/4/2012 c15 82GirlInTheMirror121
2/27/2012 c12 perfectlyODD
Awww... Cute. And kinda sad.

I actually ship Abraginty. I have no idea why, I just do. I thought I was the only one!
2/27/2012 c11 7TealCrystalCAT
I actually don't think they're the most logical, because Cam's kinda the good christian nerd and Marissa's the pretty, pansexual wall flower, they'd look good together and I think they have good chemistry, but they wouldn't naturally be interacting, which prevents them from being logical. Personally, I think Bremily is most predictable, because of the whole "most llikely to be a heartbreaker" and "slut" characterizations of them.
2/27/2012 c12 82GirlInTheMirror121
Sam as a football player.

Oh my sweet Jesus, that's one hot image.

If I could figure out Tumblr, I'd be your Hannah.

Also you owe me to read the rest of Falling Slowly and the start of its sequel... ;)
2/20/2012 c10 71Anise Nalci
Since you're being so kind to me and reading my stories, I figured I ought to read some more of yours (since I haven't been in the fandom for a while). This is really awesome. I especially like the Samnah one (I guess it's because it's such an unexpected pairing and I never thought of them together as a couple, and that Hannah's heart is as big as ever)! =)
2/19/2012 c10 perfectlyODD
I love both of these pairings. And I totally agree with Ellis, Matheus is actually kinda cute...

Anyway, could you maybe do Dameron? You probably don't ship it but maybe you could make an exception? *hopeful smile*

It doesn't matter if you don't!

I loved the Von Pearce and Cameron/Hannah ones!
2/12/2012 c8 7TealCrystalCAT
Aww, this was so cute!
2/6/2012 c6 TealCrystalCAT
I know you're not the biggest Damsay fan, but I like it. More than that, I like the whole Ellis and Hannah teasing Lindsay. I mean, what are friends for if not to make your life hell?

Also, gotta love Hannah.
2/6/2012 c4 TealCrystalCAT
So, I can't believe I just found out you had a one-shot series. I was going to comment on the most recent one, but I saw Camrissa and couldn't resist, because they're my OTP and I love the song. It kinda depressed me, but it was good. Also, I love the whole idea of a shuffle challenge. Keep it up.

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