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for Two Princess's And One Prince

10/19/2017 c1 Toothless 1998
XD Anyways, are you writing anything new?
4/3/2015 c1 Guest
Great so far please make this a story with longer chapters make it funnier and you got a good story
12/18/2013 c1 Guest
Hey Simba,

I know it may be hard to remeber this between taking care of your pride and fighting your hateful relatives but, your birthday is actually in 1994.

I just thought I'd let you know so you can fix it on your bio.

Good job on the Name translations though.
5/6/2013 c1 Guest
please uptade soon.i really want to know how this turns out.
4/18/2013 c1 Guest
great chapter.i cant wait for the next this going to be a kula/simba a great author.i think you did really well.
2/5/2013 c1 8Brasta Septim
Wow, it's quite good for having been away for so long. I'm looking forward to more.
5/22/2012 c1 GallAnonim
Super idea, update please
2/25/2012 c1 Exode The Fool
2 things: Great 1st chapter I hope you update soon.

AND JOHNY2B how can u not like it so far?

- Simba and Nala :)
2/12/2012 c1 7x0xalexis8
Please update :)
2/9/2012 c1 Mystery99
love it i can't wait to see nala's reaction. what will kula say? Please hurry and update i can't stand the suspense.

2/5/2012 c1 kate
Please put up chapter 2 soon and hurry
2/5/2012 c1 Milamber
That was good! I like this idea of putting Nala and Kula agains each other ^^ Fighting over the prince... Simba will sure be puzzled haha.

Update as soon as you can, because this is very good :)
2/4/2012 c1 Simbas hommie
I thought it was pretty good. The idea of kula and simba and simba and nala or nala against kula I think is a good idea. Hope you continue on it. :)
2/4/2012 c1 Black cat
As long as simba ends up with nala it will be a great story😄
2/4/2012 c1 11Jonny2b
I didnt like it

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