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1/24 c6 thesicksock
A cool alternative "cover story" for good harry would be to claim too have been possessed by the wraith of voldemort since a very young age. Isolating him, making him dark and draining his magic. Then say that the wraith left suddenly for some reason, maybe hint towards albania. The timeline should just about match up for Quirrell.

This solution neatly accomplishes a few things:
-excuses evil harry's evilness
-puts dumbledore and the rest on alert for voldy/death eater shenanigans
-explains a lot of OOC knowledge for harry to have about voldemort/tom riddle and magic in general (eg. if the basilisk starts attacking harry can "remember" tom going into the chamber of secrets)
1/12 c6 impurrfect22112
the only time I don't read the comments there is fucking incest wtf
1/7 c25 1Palletking2001
Hey, Is the story going to end on a cliffhanger?
That's so mean...I know, that you would have moved on with your life...but it would be truuly greatt...if you can update even once.
12/15/2022 c25 John Ciaccio
Way to long of a cliffhanger. Great story though
11/26/2022 c3 13Freddie Rindklip
Chapter 3 so far. I am enjoying the premise, and am looking forward to see where your muse takes you.
11/16/2022 c11 Guest
Isn't that insest?
11/15/2022 c6 Guest
There is insest in here
11/5/2022 c8 Mutant Ascension
Well if Lily wants a school that teaches the animagus transformation as part of the school curriculum then she can send her kids to Uagadou School. There not only will they have to learn the animagus transformation but they will also have become masters of Wandless magic.
8/10/2022 c25 drg0n-dud3
noooooooo I need morrrrreeee
7/29/2022 c2 Guest
Power of intangibility! It's unexplored and quite awesome as shown by Mirio Togata
7/25/2022 c25 SteelTiger1000
great story
but such a shame that it's discontinued
7/19/2022 c5 Sayanka Betal
People don't change like that overnight it has to be gradual. This makes zeo sense. It is very suspicious if he suddenly changed like that.
7/19/2022 c4 Sayanka Betal
The story has promise but pls dont make him friends with Hermione and Ron never liked them.
7/8/2022 c5 KLKSW
The idea was good, but Harry was an adult and now he was acting like a child. He immediately reveals himself by the way he behaves completely differently and clearly does not care. The first thing he says is: I've changed, or: I'm sorry. Take it as constructive criticism, what I will write next is ok: An adult cannot suddenly act like a 13-year-old child for the entire performance. I don't know if Harry is an idiot, but he certainly wouldn't reveal himself right away, and at least he wouldn't talk to anyone for a week and only gradually show changes in behavior. I hope your writing improves over time, that will come naturally with age. I can't write from an adult's perspective either. Sorry for the criticism, I admire your writing and great ideas, but I just wanted to give you some advice on how to improve it to make it a better read.
I don't know english so well, so I am sorry for bad grammar.
6/24/2022 c25 wiebenor
This, as unfinished as it is, is a very good book and if the author is still around, I would love it if he or she would write some more of it... Truly a marvelous unfinished work...
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