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for Sacrificial Second Chance

11/13/2016 c16 Gwillem
Ok, first complaint is that I just read 15 chapters, and you just barely covered a 6 week time period. Very long winded. Secondly, what type of dickhead parent would raise a pretentious twit like Neville? I've attended school with millionaires children, and not one would have ever dared act in that manner. Entirely unrealistic.
10/30/2016 c21 2Hipnyah
chapter 21 horny centaur. Your comedy is brilliant mate!
10/29/2016 c12 Hipnyah
great fanfiction. please continue it till it's end
10/16/2016 c2 AstralGemini
origanal age
10/15/2016 c25 Rasengalia
Please update the cliffhanger is so not cool
10/4/2016 c25 DownInIt
Well, damn. I hate cliffhangers. Hope you are doing well and that there is an update soon.
9/23/2016 c20 Batman1998
I love this why dont you update anymore
9/17/2016 c20 huntjd1
I have to say that in the last chapter after Harry signing the contract than later obviating Remus instead of coming clean I almost quit reading the story in disgust but decided to finish the chapter first. Right now I am glad I did. Lilly Finding out about everything Has me still greatly enjoying the story. Now that Harry has an ally that knows everything I cant wait to find out what happens next. I haven't caught up to everything you have posted yet but keep up the good work.
9/14/2016 c13 mckertis
11yo boys wanting sex...let me guess, you are a USian, arent you ? You're all sex obsessed over there, sticking your dicks into anything that moves.
9/14/2016 c6 mckertis
No, i'm sorry, but no. Either you secretly make "accidents" for your family, or you are openly hating them. Not both. Cant be both. If you do both - i dont care if you are my firstborn son, you're going far, far away.
9/14/2016 c3 mckertis
Oh almighty Zeus that's some horrible grammar...
9/7/2016 c25 Timelord Wizard
I've got mixed feelings about this fic, but for the most part I love it. That being said, abandoning a good fic is a pretty mean thing to do. Abandoning one on a cliffhanger? Pardon my French, but DICK MOVE. Please come back? ;-;
8/20/2016 c25 Emerald Rose nee Potter
nonononononononononononononoonononono. You can't just do that and then leave it! Come back this is an awesome story and really well written and I wanna know how this ends please it's killing meeeeeee.
8/17/2016 c21 johnjohnho
You are using 'flashback' completely the wrong way. It was like half of this chapter and had no impact on the scene you interrupted.
8/17/2016 c19 johnjohnho
I see this to often, when author claims that the character is incredibly smart and powerful and then just does stupid shit like this.

Who would be stupid enough to sign magical contract for slavery, basically with someone worse then Voldemort?

And the fighting? You keep saying he is DADA prodigy. But his attack was to dig a hole beneath him, and splash him with hot water. Do you even think of what you write?
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