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for Sacrificial Second Chance

8/16/2016 c2 johnjohnho
You can't just make someone who has a loving family into a psychopath, just because. Or if you want to do it this way, only explanation is, that he has very obvious mental illness. You just put a young untreated boy's soul in 'hell' to be tortured for who know how long. Your solution to this problem is something out of 19th century.

Even from my personal observations it's obvious that the problem children very often have shitty home life.
8/3/2016 c25 2Acheron Agrotera
Please please start working this again it's one of my favorites
7/22/2016 c25 gugi
Excuse me for being rude but you stated that you would finish this series until the final year yet you have there any reasons for this?
7/16/2016 c13 2Rishi Singh
hermione is a bitch
7/6/2016 c18 TeganCappa
This story has been losing its steam for awhile now. We're almost 200 thousand words in now and only a bit into the first year. That is just far too long and drawn-out for this type of story.
7/6/2016 c13 ZoomStraightToTheMoon
I was let down when you didn't include Hermione, but to make her the way you did this chapter killed my desire to continue. Bye.
6/22/2016 c25 Guest
bloody fucker abandoned such a nice story and with a cliffhanger asshole
6/17/2016 c13 Guest
This story is fuckin shit.
6/15/2016 c19 Dieter17
You just ruined an entire story with half a chapter, stupid and impulsive signing a contract like that. He should've just obliviated the bitch then time-turner and solved the problem besides he doesn't really know for sure if the contract is still effective since it wasn't really him that signed it. Heck even going on a killing spree and taking out every horcrux and death-eater he can find is better than this
6/9/2016 c1 Ttnln12
This is a great story that should be continued if anyone wants to continue this PM me cause I have an idea ciao for now
6/8/2016 c25 Batman1998
This is good can you please update this story I want to see what happens
5/29/2016 c19 Guest
This was a good story... Right up till this chapter. Half way through I feel as if I had just wasted my time reading it. I am not happy with the sister angle but to the author their own. But to put this... Chapter. I'm done with it!
5/28/2016 c20 Tangere peripher
you say you finish your storys and dont give up on them yet you have to finish a single one of them...i would love to see this story continued or adopted by somebody else if you dont plan on ending it
5/21/2016 c25 MikeyBlue
is there ever going to be a chapter 26 well that's another story that you've given up on?
5/16/2016 c25 Guest
someone please adopt this story!
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