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for Sacrificial Second Chance

2/26/2012 c9 LordofGalaxies
good chapter and i cant wait for more so plz update as soon as possible.
2/26/2012 c9 BioHazard82
Another great chapter.
2/26/2012 c9 azphxbrd
Good chapter,I like the way that James is warming up to the new reformed Harry.Dung isn't a very good thief if you can smell him along with Harry removing a rare book that could be bad in the wrong hands.Finally,Harry's charm with ladies has helped him out of trouble,will he meet this young lady again at Hogwarts?
2/26/2012 c9 10Ysfrael
Great story! You've really been doing a great job with this one!I can't wait for the next chaper ^^
2/26/2012 c9 Park850G
Even though this chapter wasn't (by your own admission) quite up to the standards you usually have it, I did like the reactions to James' cooking. Including his own reaction to it. Your plot to get Harry and Iris alone for a while was also a good one, even if the event in the bookstore may have given her reason to think she is being conned and sweet-talked herself. Finally: Awww! You mentioned Harry showing his dark side, then built up his anger about Dung so much...I thought for sure Dung was going to be rotting meat in the alley. At least it looks like Iris is about to get a present out of it.

Good ideas, and even though you're saying it's not as good as normal, it's still better than some writers that end up writing a book for each chapter with most of it being boring descriptions of each individual social aspect of everything, AND 30 chapters later nothing significant has happened. The worst part of those stories is that with the first couple of chapters, you get pulled in thinking that something big is going to happen later (why else would they need so much explanation, right?) and then you get so bored and reading it such a habit, that it isn't until 30 chapters go by that you realize that it's a chore to read and time to unsubscribe.

Ooops, rambling again. Becoming guilty of same thing I was just talking about. Need to start doing better now that I've notice the similarities. Later, and I hope your stomach is feeling better. Amongst other places.
2/26/2012 c9 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Fun chapter and great to see James lighten up a bit. Thanks for sharing!
2/26/2012 c9 Addictive Label
Really intresting.. i am looking forward for more.. i love the story where you took the inspiration from so its a bonus.. and i am glad you have him change his personality a bit.. as i would have dropped the stroy Asap if you decided to have him as cannon... cannon harry is a joke so...

anyhow looking forward for more chapter so dont keep us waiting for to long. and get bette rwith the food poisoning
2/26/2012 c9 Naginator
Nice look forward to more
2/26/2012 c9 4Zaralann
Nice chapter!
2/26/2012 c9 Darkepyon
great chapter i am looking forward to how the meeting between his grand parents will go
2/26/2012 c9 60red-jacobson
The chapter was fine, although I'm surprised you were able to get anything accomplished with food poisoning, I know from personal experience how miserable that can make you.

I have to say, Ivy is just too cute for words, and she's got Harry wrapped around her finger the same way that Gabrielle does in "Hogwarts Dawn" and I love it!

Looking forward to more

2/26/2012 c9 Septon
Another nice chapter, I saw you wrote that he will have something for blades, will you be using something other then the standard, dagger/sword ?

Anyways looking forward for more!

2/26/2012 c9 3frytrix
Hehe, i enjoying reading this chapter as much as i enjoyed reading the others :)

and dont worry about the chapter so much you did a great job with it.

2/26/2012 c9 Maleivius
I enjoyed this chapter, especially the interaction with Dung, it was pretty funny him actually scaring the crap out of him. I look forward to seeing how he uses that wand, or what spells are on it based on how you described it. Also will be funny how Iris describes his flirting with the waitress, and Sirius's response. Can't wait for the next update!
2/26/2012 c9 3Nightmare Sired Muse
This was really good. I like that he's getting closer to everyone and that he's loosing up a bit. Also I liked seeing him turn a bit darker.In canon HArry seemed to like to push Mundgunus. BTW the part with the girl at the end was funny. Keep up the good work
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