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for Sacrificial Second Chance

2/15/2012 c6 BioHazard82
Another great chapter.
2/15/2012 c6 Cobra0000
- 'Use those good looks, have a couple of pregnancy scares'


- 'not realizing that the thought of inbreeding didn't bother him, like it used to.'

Plz not Harry & his sister.
2/15/2012 c6 Septon
Awesome story so far, let Harry seed chaos into the world, sit back and enjoy. A nice plot bunny so to say but ever so amusing ,

Looking forward to next time!

2/15/2012 c5 Cobra0000
Nice chapter, looks like Harry is going to have to try hard to put things right with his family.
2/15/2012 c4 Cobra0000
- '"Beautiful," he whispered, as his eyes searched her face hungrily.'

Harry not going to be with his younger sister right? Plz, NO.
2/15/2012 c6 LordofGalaxies
good chapter and story and i cant wait to read more so plz update as soon as possible.
2/15/2012 c6 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
I'm sure it would be difficult to accept that someone so evil would change overnight. Good chapter and it worked out well. Thanks for sharing!
2/15/2012 c6 Belthazor2
Interesting read so far, keep it up..
2/15/2012 c6 2Sai 0
write more please. I was disappointed that I couldn't click 'next'.

The chapter flowed nicely. No errors that I can see. I will not vote for elements. Their all to good making it so tough to choice.
2/15/2012 c6 ceo55
Nice all around integration of Harry 1 to Harry 2. Great chapter and looking forward to the next ones!

2/15/2012 c6 3Nightmare Sired Muse
Nice update and this chapters longer than all of your others.I say you put the story under... I have no idea, but I do agree that puting up another name will add to your views and reviews. Update again soon.
2/15/2012 c1 Cobra0000
Interesting start, looking forward to more.
2/15/2012 c6 Shoveler
great chapter
2/15/2012 c6 Morkashi
Really enjoyed the chapter, I was honestly wondering how you were going to pull off explaining his sudden change, pretty damn good explanation he came up with on the fly there. Should be cool to see him and Sirius interacting together, especially if he learns some "tricks" for the ladies...But on a more serious note, I like how you keep James very hesitant, wouldn't be very realistic if they all suddenly came around, and I like the new mother-son relationship growing between Lily and Harry. Can't wait for the next update, and to see if his changes are immediately unlocked or not!
2/15/2012 c6 Park850G
I think the flow/dream story went VERY well in this chapter. Both the telling of it, and the receiving of it. The fact that everyone either accepted it, or accepted it enough to go with the rest of the family, to avoid fights, was a great touch. They voiced their own opinions, yet accepted the final (Mom's) decision without continued complaining. The more I read of this story, the more I'm liking the family dynamic you've created here. Yeah, I think Harry's going to have a BALL being a Big Brother to Ivy.

You asked who else should be added to the Multi part of the description...I vote for Susan Bones. The irony behind Harry being in that kind of a relationship with his Dad's boss' niece just resembles a Marauder Prank too much.

Thanks for posting today, and I'll be watching for the next one.
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