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for Sacrificial Second Chance

2/11/2012 c4 3Nightmare Sired Muse
I say make him be a chimra. In his last life he had both Slythern and grif. but this time he has more slythern so why not make him a chimra?

I'd say he get a wand from so really famous wizard who died.
2/11/2012 c4 loginanout
Great chapter. I say that his animal form should be a Cheeta. The way you talked about his body it sounds like a runners body, there strong and fast= cheeta
2/11/2012 c4 Zicou
looks great!


2/11/2012 c4 ceo55
The wand should be Nundu hart string in wood from an Oak, animagus should be Nundu and Phoenix, power and love, this lets him be himself and very dangerous but loving and loyal a good combo of traits, no next chapter please!

2/11/2012 c4 1Slifer1988
hm interesting the sister with spunk is probably the oc i'm interested how that will play out because at the moment she hates his guts

hm as wand core perhaps banshe hair and as wood i would say weeping willow or just willow to show his remorse

and as animagus something dark perhaps nundu or basilisk
2/10/2012 c3 4darkplayer35
Very interesting start. I like your take on the plot and how you are making it unique. It has a ton of potential. Please update soon.
2/10/2012 c3 agnar
I voted for lav and romilda. Gabby has become too common and you gotta come up with changes to canon or reasons why she's not really an 8 year old in harry's 4th year.

The sister would lose some readers because incest squicks many. Nothing against astoria though. But lav always gets stuck with won won, so she deserves some decent love. And romilda is nearly unheard of without love potion involved. :)

As to his power, I'd think some enhanced 'stamina' would help considering the 4-6 girls he'll need to keep up with. *grin*
2/9/2012 c3 Darkepyon
Nice start looking forward to see what happens next.
2/8/2012 c3 hpsbdg
Eidetic memory. Fleur D as 3rd.
2/8/2012 c3 TwoWayMirror
I'm loving this story so far! :)

I think Harry should be a metamorphic. That would be so cool!

Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/8/2012 c3 Park850G
Good chapter and thanks for posting it. I was thinking that a good way to get his family to see his change, is for him to have a very loud, terrible, life changing nightmare. Something that they can "see" his point of view change from. Nothing like a visit to Hell to change your general decisions, and to cause you to appreciate your family.

It'd be an easier way than just being as nice as he was mean for another 10 years.

In My Opinion
2/8/2012 c3 loginanout
This is getting better with each chapter.Hang in there word will get out about how good your story is, and when it does you's will be upthere the greats.
2/8/2012 c3 3Nightmare Sired Muse
Man you writing is getting better by the chapter, and you update so fast I hope to see more from you soon.
2/8/2012 c3 Spring Raine
I think he should have the ability to remember whatever he reads. That will help him with a lot of things down the road.
2/8/2012 c3 ceo55
Great chapter and this is going to be a very interesting story!

Next chapter please at your soonest!

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