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2/7 c10 Axccel
How you treat girls? It’s not their fault if a girl puts out before marriage or gets seduced or whatever. They’re old enough to know better, they’re responsible for their own choices. The boys are not responsible for the girls choices to go along with it. They don’t twist peoples’ arms and make their flirtations work or something.
2/1 c11 Tenjo
Gross. Tonks’ feelings for Remus were bad enough in canon despite being a grown woman when she developed her feelings… in this one, it seems like she’s liked him since she was eleven or twelve and it stems from a weird dependency on him related to trauma. That’s not even remotely healthy. I’m not gonna say she should be with Harry (while a lot of fans seem to love her, I just can’t forget that she, Remus and any other guard Harry had in OotP knew how shitty his home life was yet did nothing, so I don’t like her) but at least have them develop healthy relationships with people closer to their own ages.

Remus/Tonks is as bad as Ron/Hermione… they don’t fit and they only got together because Rowling forced the characters to inexplicably want each other.
2/1 c4 Tenjo
I can’t be the only one who finds freckles extremely unattractive, right? I get that people have different tastes, but I find it hard to believe that freckles are so popular that I’m yet to meet someone (other than myself) who doesn’t find them attractive.
1/31 c25 nightwing27
I'm glad I will never abonded my stories Im not a quitter like many here and if I cant finish no body will know since it will be written unile I finish it will not be posted
1/26 c15 4C3nterF0ld
the WOMAN who took? is this implying that Snape wanted James this time around?
1/26 c5 C3nterF0ld
honestly? I retract my statement. that quorum would've been the perfect place to reveal his dimension hopping to those that mattered. would've made things MUCH easier going forward lol
1/26 c5 C3nterF0ld
the way he's just apologizing for the actions of the other him and saying he's just gonna do better going forward feels really weird to me. I dont think saying he's not that Harry would be better but him just apologizing feels off. like a puzzle piece that doesn't quite fit right
1/17 c18 Makimass
Harry who defeated a dark lord, a troll and won tri wizard tournament yet gets knocked out by a child and gets scared by a teen..lmao this harry is suddenly pathetic..
1/17 c14 Makimass
first day at hogwarts and he's already making enemies...that seems like a ravenclaw thing to do..
12/22/2021 c25 Astramilitarum01
Well the story is most likely dead anyway so no reason rave and rage about stuff, still the story had a noticeable drop on plot, quality and integration from ch. 18 to about ch. 23/24. It felt very out of knowhere and rushed, together with the already inconsistent world and behavior not some characters it made it only worse to rush things and make stuff more complicated than it's was needed.
All in all a nice idea but with flaws and an very unstable direction
12/17/2021 c4 crazydavey
What is wrong with the people that did that poll for the pairings? Don't they realize this is his younger, blood sister, that they all want as a romantic pairing? If one of them were adopted it wouldn't be so bad, but this? What, are they going to be the Targaryens of the wizarding world? I'm surprised people didn't throw in his mother too at this point. Not sure how far I'll read this knowing the 1st pairing... And what's with all the other options? Not one is a common pairing. Was that a caveat put in by the author? WTF would anyone want Romilda Vane as a love interest? The only time I remember her in canon is when she sent those love potion chocolates that Ron ate. Why would that make her a good love interest for Harry?!
12/15/2021 c25 Guest
The budding romance between Harry and Iris was very well written. Please update again!
11/25/2021 c25 Resurrection99
was dope. nows dead. sad times
11/1/2021 c25 Guest
Cliff hangers suck and so do you
9/11/2021 c5 Guest
Your writing is very good! I wouldn't have known you weren't a native English speaker if you hadn't said so!
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