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for Sacrificial Second Chance

4/30/2014 c1 Cerfsung
I love this story! Please update it's freaking amazing!
4/30/2014 c6 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
Yay upcoming incest fun time!
4/27/2014 c13 teh trlinatr
Okay one. I'm loving this fic. And how unique it its in the area of actually having a plot that jump around and stuff. Love that. Two. Casanova Harry with red hair? BRILL! And of course lack of bashing. I find that bashing tends to knock a fic down a few pegs for me. It just seems immature. So i appreciate how nobodies really evil, or stereotyped. :) and kudos to you for calling that prick out. What sort of person over 4 years old (or politics) gets all butthurt cause Ooooh...his vote didn't win the majority! All must suffer for this insolence! yeah kudos, good karma to you and much abundant Pleasantries. :) keep up the guud work
4/24/2014 c25 Guest
its been a year and a month... im still waiting... pweez come back...
4/23/2014 c25 Shatugan
This is among the best adventure fanfics out there for me ...I would very much like for it to be continued ...Please !
4/15/2014 c25 Guest
Pls update! Come back to the light! I need this
4/14/2014 c16 Guest
England should still be somewhat warm in the first part of September, even at night it should not be brutally cold.
4/14/2014 c13 Guest
In train cars that have large sized compartments like the Hogwarts express there are not opposite compartments but adjacent ones. One side of the carriage car is composed of compartments and the opposite side at the outer wall is an isle that is usually empty of seating from one end the the other, but can at the sacrifice of cabin space have bench, or single chair single row seating. The hogwarts express however would be an open isle type. Compartments would have a sliding door or bi-folding metal door that is hinged similar to a french door. At the door facing into the compartment the outer wall will have windows and possibly a folding hinged table. On ether side of the compartment there will be bench seats that face each other often with space enough under to slide suit-cases, and should comfortable seat at least three adults, but probable four without problem; per bench. On the Hogwarts express above the benches they have stowage racks for luggage (Rowlings has taken some liberties here. I have never seen stowage racks large enough accommodate steamer trunks before.), but in many countries there can be a folding sleeping berth above each bottom bench, with the bottom benches becoming beds as well. Since the hogwarts express is not intended for overnight travel I would not expect the compartments being able to become sleeper compartments.
4/14/2014 c12 Guest
I very much dislike the Weasleys Rons a piece of filth and Genny is a slut that would not be faithfull to Harry. I wonder if Genny charged for those blow jobs she gave the boys in the broom closets; it wouldn't suprise me.
4/13/2014 c6 Guest
It's been a while coming back to this story. I like it and think it's well written. Harry however comes of a bit to simple minded and on the stupid side, not like someone who's mentally older than he is appears. He also has that same flaw that J. wrote into the character, making him more female in nature than male. Doing bravely dumb things does not make him manly, when he emotionally acts like a little girl.
4/6/2014 c20 1Mazoku Tora'inu
3/31/2014 c18 crpt
Well Fuck society. NO I Would not wait.
3/29/2014 c25 laughy
please update I love this story
3/23/2014 c25 5DoctorKDoom
OMG You're back! I love your story! I hope you continue writing this story. It's amazing, really an inspiration for my very horrible stories...
3/16/2014 c10 Guest
I love her and I'm trying to lie to myself but now I'm gonna make her want me
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