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for Sacrificial Second Chance

2/5/2021 c14 alefrosier
Não de ouvidos aos invejosos, você é um ótimo escritor, amo sua fanfic.
1/21/2021 c15 alittlelate
Really dislike this harry, god damn a moment he acts like a 18 year old and the next second is a 6 year old lost puppy
1/21/2021 c12 alittlelate
It's very much pathetic the way Harry fears Marcus, like I get it, he is powerful and intimidating, but I would have thought that after killing voldemort and a basilisk, Marcus wouldn't be much of a fright
1/20/2021 c11 6Jtf0012
awww no hermione
1/11/2021 c6 5AJAvenger
Why not just tell them the truth? Karma never said he cannot.
12/29/2020 c4 Katt31257
Of course, after fighting death eaters and all sorts of creatures, this Harry has got to turn into a pathetic wobbly doormat when faced with "family" especially one he has never met. Fvcking pussies should stop writing on this site
12/11/2020 c1 oppsididitagain
this is a morbidly fascinating story and but I don't think this complements your writing style I would love for someone who writes dark fics to write this
12/5/2020 c25 Harbinger34
My what cliffhanger and to know that this story has been abandoned makes me sad I felt like it was just getting good
11/18/2020 c25 Prozord
I love this story! The plot is like nothing I've ever read before! Will you ever update this?
10/30/2020 c13 huntjd1
I cant help but comment. I think Hermione in this story so far is as evil as Death eaters. Honestly she cant approve of someone who is promising rape due to his methods making her scared of him? I know You have er commenting on it afterwords but in my opinion anyone with the ability to stop wrong doers no matter their methods who does not stop the wrongs being committed is as guilty as those that commit the wrongs. I do not care what any unjust law says. Sometimes certain criminals need to die to protect the innocent. that being said I think Potters reaction to Malfoy was extremely reasonable and justified. No matte what I have really enjoyed the story so far.
10/30/2020 c25 Sumuel
And we will never know what became of young Harry
9/5/2020 c7 frankiebayer2002
Look at the last sentence
9/5/2020 c7 frankiebayer2002
Is Sirius gay
9/4/2020 c1 Guest
Can someone continue the story because this is seriously amazing
9/4/2020 c1 Guest
For God's sake please update
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