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3/14/2019 c18 Tenjo
You spoke about this ‘spidey sense’ that he has.. so far it’s registered one hit soon enough to dodge, one hit too late to dodge and it’s failed to notice every other hit. Naturally, I’m not including hits that he could see coming as they have to do with his reflexes, not some apparent sixth sense.
3/14/2019 c13 Tenjo
Yep. I hate this Hermione, she’s a bloody idiot. He was being nice to them because they were decent people, then he got angry when someone literally threatened to rape his sister after insulting his family. Why is that so hard for her to wrap her head around? She’s acting like he’d just flip out on anyone for no reason, when she witnessed the reason firsthand. That, and I’ve always hated when Hermione acts like teachers are infallible beacons of justice... she’s so ridiculously vehement about it that I can almost guarantee that if a teacher molested a student she would STILL say they deserve respect and would probably try and claim there was a good reason for what they did.
3/14/2019 c11 Tenjo
I’m kind of hoping the Dora/Remus pairing doesn’t happen. Not saying she should be with Harry, I’ve just always hated the pairing. She might make him feel better about his life but it doesn’t help change him for the better, rather it changes her for the worse. Much like the Hermione/Ron pairing, except in their case BOTH of them are toxic to the other. Dora is too free spirited and immature, trauma or not, her liking Remus is bloody weird and makes no sense.
3/14/2019 c9 Tenjo
James being sketchy but still being likeable is odd.. I’m too used to disliking his character.
3/3/2019 c1 Tenjo
RE to 6: Same but I’m pretty sure we are the exceptions to the rule. Everyone I know knew about it before they were teenagers. Hell, my younger cousins (who range from seven to twelve) all know about it already. It’s a little worrying actually.
2/21/2019 c25 INeedMore
1/30/2019 c4 uictoriam4
Proper punctuation and grammar are very essential for readers' understanding. Sadly here we can find neither
1/24/2019 c25 DontMindMe
Shame this will never be finished
1/22/2019 c25 SS
Pls continue... I have already read it more than thrice...
1/20/2019 c20 Scandalf
Ughh... All this Royce family bullcrap ruined the entire story for me and now I'm dropping this after skipping most of the previous 2 chapters. I don't know how you thought of such a stupid idea but I wish I never even started reading this fic just so I could avoid this disaster of an idea. How you can expect me to believe that there can be a family so fucking powerful in the world is beyond me. Btw, did you really expect everyone to forget about the fact that Harry can cast the Imperius curse? He could've easily avoided all this shit if he just cast that curse on that girl, made her arrange a meeting between him and her mother, do something about the woman(preferably kill her) and then continue on with his life. Like, I don't know, just from the top of my head I can think of another 10 ways to do things better than he did. Especially with all the power he hold now.

sigh... I was having so much fun reading this story too. Even though it wasn't that good, it was a fun read, until you ruined everything by trying to be too original...
1/12/2019 c25 david davidson
nothing else to say about this 'fic except it's fantastic so far.
thoroughly enjoyable.
thanks for writing.
1/2/2019 c25 Mark Sinfield
please continue
12/30/2018 c8 darkprince9080
12/30/2018 c19 Guest
Go fuck yourself
12/1/2018 c13 Lord.Raven6
I only knew about sex when I was 14 almost 15...
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