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2/25/2018 c1 4Anne O' the Island
"Die kitschigste Geschichte, die Deiner Feder seit langem entkommen ist"...tja, ich glaube, Du hast Recht.
It doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable, though! I swear, if LMM had ever written in German, she would have sounded something like this story.
I will allow, however, that there is a definite correlation between the quantity of writing you do, and how depressed your stories are (not so much "depressed" as just "heart-wrenching", but there is a link ;)
I don't suppose I can entreat you to write more Rilla/Ken stories? I think you've really *found* them, as it were, and would do good work continuing on that track.
8/14/2013 c1 4wildiris21
My German is not perfect yet, and I am a slow reader, but I thought this was just lovely. I grew up reading the Anne series and it's so nice to have an insight into what happens after. Vielen Dank für eine wunderschöne Geschichte! :)
2/11/2012 c1 Andrea1984
Schön mal wieder was von dir zu lesen, kslchen. Ich freu' mich sehr darüber.

Du beschreibst Rillas Gefühle sehr lebensnahe und auch Marys Verhalten, die spitze Zunge einerseits, das besorgte Verhalten andererseits.

Schade, dass es nur ein One-Shot bleibt. Halb. ;) halb :-(.

Viele herzliche Grüße


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